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Leather is one of those timeless materials that will never go out of style. Whether real or faux, the trend can add edge to any outfit. If donning a leather jacket can transform naïve little Sandy from Grease into a vicious vixen, it can make any girl look badass. However, you’re probably used to keeping heavy, wind-resistant items in the back of your closet until the fall and winter months. Well, Pink Ladies, it’s time to dust off those jackets and grab your very own Danny Zuko, because leather is making a statement this summer… and we’re hopelessly devoted.

Leather 1


1)      Make it short

Leather shorts are all the rage this season, and they’re a perfect transitional piece. Snag a pair now and you can start wearing them during this heat wave without breaking a sweat. Come autumn, you can still rock ‘em with a sweater, combat boots, and even some tights. Talk about a worthwhile investment! Try the Tripp NYC Hi-Waist PU Leather Short.

2)      And sweet.

Offset the attitude of your leather by adding in some girly touches. Grab a lacey tank, a chiffon blouse, or some polka-dot peplum. Naughty and nice? There’s no going wrong.

3)      Crop it…

Keep cool and show some skin with a cropped leather top. Pair it with a cutesy skater skirt for a breezy look or go full throttle with some destroyed, high-waisted denim. Check out The Dimepiece LA Tommy Boy Crop Top.

4)      Or cut it.

Cut it out! No, seriously. What’s hotter than leather pants? Leather pants with cutouts like the Faux Leather Z-Cut Pant from Tripp NYC. Not only will you be the star of the show, you’ll let a little air in during those warm nights on the town. Same goes for cutout leather leggings or bustier dresses.

5)      Dye it…

Black a little too dark for your summer frame of mind? No worries. You can get leather in pastels, neons, or even bright white. (Hello, One Teaspoon Mercury Leather Skirt!) Think of it as an adult version of a mood ring.

6)      And DIY it.

Head to your nearest fabric store or even take a pair of scissors to that pile of old clothes under your bed. All it takes is some snipping and some strong glue and you can transform your wardrobe from simple to showy. Attach some leather pockets to the back of your denim shorts for an instant “wow.”

7)      Wear it on your head…

Headbands may bring back memories of your school-uniform days, but they’re actually cool and work for any age. DIY or buy a leather headband, and attach some studs if you’re still not convinced.

8)      Or in your hand.

Your handbag should reflect your personality. My current bag is super bright orange faux leather, and a friend questioned what it would go with. It goes with me, duh! A leather bag is a classic staple that works in any season. Electrify your ensemble with the Baggu Leather Purse in Neon.

Want more summer leather options? Check out our FULL showcase devoted to the cause.

Leather 2

You don’t have to be in a motorcycle gang to sport your leather all year round. Anyone who disagrees is probably the same person that still thinks you can’t wear white after Labor Day (Can you say outdated?) The only rule is to have fun with the trend and make it your own.


Leather, you’re the one that I want.

Sorry, Danny.

Danny Grease