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During the summer, I’m all about keeping it as clean and comfortable as possible. It’s just way too hot to be FANCY. I’d much rather be wearing the right gear to make last minute road trips, beach days, and bike rides all possible. So here are the five staples you should have in your closet that are sure to maximize your summer fun without minimizing your style.

1.)  Jeggingslevis 535 jeggings

Here at Miss KL, we pretty much swear by Levis 535 Jeggings (shown above). I air on the side of jeggings that are closer to jeans than leggings. Usually, it just means they have a little extra stretch to them. The ones by Levis are super comfortable and and very affordable.

2.) Or just regular leggings

Casual Style leggings - Miss KL Blog

The All Day Basic Leggings and the Hellz Bells All Eyez Legging in Black

Alright, if you’re not a fan of the fusing two great things together, then just stick with a pair of regular leggings. I love how they can transition easily from yoga class to casual daytime gear, depending on the accessories.

3.) A simple baseball teeCasual Style Baseball Raglan - Miss KL Blog

The Obey All Nighters Boyfriend Raglan and The Crooks and Castles Superlative Baseball Tee

So…sports. Not really my thing. Want to know what I am into though? The fact that sports gave us the gift of really awesome casual fashion. And right now, we’ve got baseball tees galore to fill the athletic style clothing gap in your closet. Your welcome.

4.) The perfect rompercasual rompers

Modern Lux Overalls

Le sigh. The Overalls. Could I be any happier that they’ve come back into fashion? I don’t think so. I mean, they’re just so easy. Grab a crop top and snap some buckles and you’re set. And overalls aren’t the only onesies you should be sinking your teeth into. Check out our jumpers section for more.

5.) A comfortable bootie.Casual Style Booties - Miss KL Blog

From Top Left Clockwise: The Circus by Sam Edelmen Harley Boot, The Jeffrey Campbell Everly Boot in Grey Snake, The Ash Sharon Boot, The Jeffrey Campbell Everly Boot in Black

In the words of Janelle Monae – the booty don’t lie. Okay, so I’m not entirely sure what that means but it seems like a good thing. And when it comes to footwear, it definitely is. Think of the bootie as your multi-seasonal salvation. Comfortable, casual, and diverse, investing in a good pair of booties will be the best wardrobe decision you ever made.

Alright! So there you have it – 5 things that you should have living in your closet ASAP. Better get on it ;)