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For all you bookish babes: whether you’re into art, beauty/fashion or music, we have some cool reads to peak your literary interests. If you want more culturally relevant topics to bring up at a party, need a does of aesthetic stimulation, or want something to make your coffee table look useful, we’ve got you covered with these cool publications that you can find on the Loop.


The Book of Nails! Nails! Nails!

For you nail art enthusiasts: this book has nail art inspiration photos as well as helpful DIY tips so that you can achieve them yourself! Because nothing is better than getting to tell admiring friends that you did your nails all on your own. Check out this book for cool ideas on how to truly be stylish all the way down to your fingertips.Let our selection of butter London help pave the way.

Back in the Day Remix

2001, ‘Back in the Day’ was released to showcase a world that inspired and paved the way for modern day hip hop. The book documents the style and culture of hip hop in the 1980s through the photography of Jamel Sabazz who wandered around Harlem, Brooklyn and Queens to shoot his fashionable subjects. The book is a reminder of what the foundations of the now multi million dollar industry was originally based on. Instead of fame and wealth hip hop originally started out as a way for artists to come together on a similar standpoint. Back in the Day Remix was released to celebrate the book’s 10th anniversary. Not only is the book a fun insight into 80’s street fashion (Kangols and Pumas and door knocker earrings, oh my!!) but also an important literary staple for any hip-hop fan. Buy for yourself or anyone that you feel needs to be schooled about where their favorite music genre came from.

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128 Beats Per Minute (Diplo’s Guide to Music, Culture and Everything in Between)

Diplo (Apparently short for Diplodocus? The more you know…) is a pretty interesting and well-rounded guy. The American DJ has done projects with multiple artists like M.I.A. and Beyonce, and is the co founder and lead to Major Laser. Also, he founded and manages Mad Decent records has his own non-profit organization and was apparently also a schoolteacher at one point. Not only is he interesting on his own accord but his work allows for him to travel all over the world. 128 Beats Per Minute chronicles the artist’s musical involvements that take him from places like Jamaica and Tel Aviv. The documentation, through Shane McCauley photography, also includes tweets and playists from Diplo himself. It’s an interesting look-through for fans of the artist,  and wanderlusts alike.

The Art by Tattooists Book

This book showcases art from twenty-six international artists through various mediums as well as their client’s bodies. Their work, whether it is done in ink, oil pastel, or woodblock, shows off their unique styles and themes that relate back to the tattoos they create. Tattoo artistry has transformed from a taboo into a thriving medium that produces intricate and beautiful masterpieces. This book exhibits the extraordinary artistic integrity that these artists posses.

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