miley cyrus tripp nyc - miss kl blog“We don’t take nothing from nobody” – Miley Cyrus’s newest song gets this point across and her fashion sense definitely emulates it. Her daring style is frequently showcased through the paparazzi, the red carpet and even on Twitter. Most recently, Miley even posed completely nude for Marc Jacobs’s new skin cancer campaign. The 20 year old starlet has definitely grown out of her Hanna Montana days and we’d be lying if we didn’t say we’re totally into it. Especially when we saw her recent tweets featuring pics of herself partying in our favorite ‘Pretty Woman’ dress from Tripp NYC, originally designed by Daang Goodman for Julia Roberts’s role in the film. Its modern derivative, The Pretty Woman Dress in Red and Black is just like the original dress from the movie with a bolder color combo. This risqué look is perfect for a night out and can be dressed up with boots reminiscent  of Julie Roberts or with a chic pair of heels evocative of Miley’s look above (although, of course, the $795 pair of Versace healed sandals are TOTALLY optional). So if you have the propensity for salacious party pieces, love classic 90s movies, or you’re an ex Disney star looking to establish your fashion credibility, then check out Miss KL for the appropriate attire.

Miley has also been spotted in the past wearing more of our favorites like The O Mighty Weed Backpack, Diamond Supply’s Sex Drugs and Rap Tee and our  “Oh Shit!” crop top and leggings from Dimepiece, so stealing her style is now easier than ever (no bleached pixie cut necessary). Miley Cyrus O-Mighty and Diamond Supply - miss kl blogmiley cyrus dimepiece