Beyonce best outfits

When it comes to picking a favorite Beyonce look, the task can start to seem damn near impossible. The 31-year old singer has been a major powerhouse in the music industry for over a decade, which means plenty of styled music videos, red carpet walks, magazine spreads, and on-stage performances featuring Beyonce looking drop-dead gorgeous. So instead of trying to pick our all-time forever favorites, here are seven looks we’re remembering (and loving!) right now:

1.) Coordinated Camo

Beyonce Best Look 1 Beyonce Best Look 2 - Miss KL Blog

Remember those coordinated outfits Destiny’s Child used to wear in EVERY music video and at EVERY award show they ever attended? It always seemed a bit unfair to me that Beyonce’s outfit was consistently the best of the three. Personally, I think the “Survivor” video was no exception. Camo is coming back in a major way, which is why I’m totally vibing with this throwback look right now. Try the Obey Keegan Harem Pant or the See You Monday Camo Bralette for a similar look. 

2.) All Black Errything – “Single Ladies”

Beyonce Best Look 3 - Miss KL Blog beyonce Best Look 4 - Miss KL Blog

Oh man, the song and dance sensation that swept the nation. The release of “Single Ladies” in 2008 not only showcased Beyonce’s incredible moves, but also her smoking bod. A clean black, one-shouldered leotard, a badass hand accessory, and a pair of pumps made the perfect subtle compliments to Beyonce’s bigger-than-life attitude in this female empowering track. Not to replicate Kanyegate, but “Single Ladies” really was one of the best videos of all time. Sorry T-swift. Channel this iconic Beyonce look in a bodysuit like the Love Cat Marilyn Bodysuit in Black or the Style Stalker Dimension Bodysuit.

3.) Going retro as BB HomeMaker in “Why Don’t You Love Me?”

Beyonce Best look 5 - Miss KL Blog Beyonce Best Look 6 - Miss KL Blog

When I was in high school, I wanted to pull off that sexy feminine retro look SO bad. It was the one style that made my more-men’s-mag/less-runway body shape seem like a positive thing. Unfortunately, I had neither the vintage shopping savvy nor the hair grooming ability (guys – victory rolls are NOT easy no matter how many YouTube videos you watch) to ever actually accomplish it. Beyonce on the other hand, with a full team of stylists and designers at her disposal, pulled it off with flying colors in her “Why Don’t you Love Me” video. I drooled over practically every ensemble she wore when I saw it. I hope that the glamorous Mad Men/50s look never goes out of style. Try the Marilyn Vintage Bikini or some denim cut-offs and a plaid shirt for the BB Homemaker look. And Bey, I have absolutely no idea why someone wouldn’t love you.

4.) Beyonce’s goth mob boss look at the beginning of “Videophone,” feat Gaga.

Beyonce Best Look 7 - Miss KL Blog

Similar to “Why Don’t You Love Me,” I’m jealous of pretty much every single one of Beyonce’s outfits in “Videophone.” But nothing beats the gothic mob boss look she sports at the beginning. Both “Videophone” and Gaga’s “Telephone” have a serious Kill Bill vibe that I’m totally obsessed with, and nothing gets that across more than this Yakuza-esque scene (except maybe for the Pussy Wagon truck in Gaga’s video). Alright, am I making too many obscure references? Fine. While I’m not sure where you can pick up that Zorro-like mask, The Cruel Intentions Studded Bra and the Dare Devil boot are sure to scare any gangster into submission.

5.) Locker Room Sex Appeal for GQ

Beyonce Best Looks 8 - Miss KL Blog

GQ was well aware that the only way to make a locker room seem sexy would be to center the scene around someone as gorgeous as Bey. She blew this shoot out of the water in nothing more than a crop top jersey and some anything-but-granny panties. I’m not into football, but this made me think maybe I should try learning the difference between a tight end and a safety (huh?) so I wouldn’t seem like a total poser when I tried rocking a similar style top. Get the hook-up with our Dimepiece jersey.

6.) Baring it all in a pure white negligee for “Best Thing I Never Had”

beyonce best looks 9 - Miss KL Blog

Beyonce bared all in her “Best Thing I Never Had” video featuring the singer-songwriter in the most elegant negligee I’ve ever seen. Nothing like gorgeous lingerie to really hammer the “I’m better off without you” sentiment home. Try the Like a Prayer Chemise for an equally pure pre-wedding vows underwear set.

7.) Baddie Bey in her rightful place — on the throne.

beyonce best looks 10 - miss kl blog

Beyonce’s most recent controversy has centered around the lyrics in her  “Bow Down/I Been On” song, a track from her highly anticipated fifth studio album. To that I say…who cares!? Every now and then, you have to put the haters in their place. Bey looks right at home in the dopest royal ensemble I’ve ever laid my mere peasant eyes on and her and Jay Z are the closest thing to music royalty that you’re gonna get.

So to you and your epic style Bey, I respectfully bow down.