stripes body paint

One of the most exciting things I get to experience each year is the super awesome music fest known as Coachella. Hot days by the pool, listening to awesome music with a beer in-hand – what’s not to love about it? Oh, and did I mention the killer style-watching you get to do for 3 days straight? If you haven’t heard (or haven’t seen on every fashion blog), Coachella seems to be the one time of the year (well, for most people) that you get to dress like a total desert nymph. This usually includes flower head wreathes and LOTS of body paint. The bare necessities for any music fest goers wardrobe. This month I’m super psyched about the new STRIPES body paint we just got in, which is absolutely PERFECT for Coachella, or any other music fest that comes your way. From rainbow to jewel tones, there’s a color pallet to fit anyone’s taste. And the plus side? The rainbow body paint actually glows under a black light…um, HARD Fest, anyone? Check out our quick and easy body-paint tutorial, and grab yourself a color or two! Find out why we’ve fallen head-over-heels with this rad new beauty product everyone needs in their wardrobe!

body paint

body paint 2