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With each decade (or I guess, year?) there’s always that one woman in the public eye that just seems to get everything right. From style to brains, this woman is the one which all females strive to take after. I remember in the early 2000s, every girl wanted to the be that quirky/dorky Zooey Deschanel┬átype, but now it’s all about twerking and bashing each other over Twitter that takes the cake. Sure, you’ve got the Beyonces and the Mileys, but whatever happened to girls that were SO awkward and weird that it was hot? One girl that I will NEVER stop crushing on is Chloe Sevigny. I don’t think I will ever lose my lust for this effortless, stylishly chic dork. There’s just something so endearing about a woman comfortable enough to dress like Terry Richardson. Wouldn’t you agree? Now as we creep closer and closer to the cool and comfy season of Fall, it’s time to start piecing together your season wardrobe with some inspiration from the ladies we just can’t get enough of. Learn how to steal Chloe’s style with a few key pieces from Miss KL!

steal her style (2)


1. Chloe is quite the fashion chameleon as she shifts her style from androgynous to feminine at the blink of her eye. When she’s not out rocking a tailored pair of trousers and a simple tee, Chloe can be seen in the chicest mini dresses in existence. The new UNIF ‘Confession’ dress is so “Chloe,” it hurts.

2. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with a usually ‘quirky’ accessory. If it’s something your 8 year old self would rock without any hesitation, then you’re on the right track. I’ve been obsessing over the new *MKL Accessories Bunny Headband ever since I saw it on the site..and we’re sure Chloe would be too.

3. If you know anything about Chloe, then you obviously know that this girl has impeccable taste in shoes. (ahem…she designed a pair for Opening Ceremony awhile back that I just never forgot about.) Especially ones that you just can’t find anywhere else, like our new Jeffrey Campbell exclusive “Clearly” heels, available ONLY on Miss KL!

4. You can’t rock Chloe’s style without a good denim vest! (She’s been seen everywhere rocking one!) Grab the *MKL Collective ‘Americana’ denim vest for your wardrobe!

5. One thing that I love about Chloe is the fact that beauty regiment is so minimal. Just apply a coat of red lipstick and you’re chicer than ever! Try the Lime Crime ‘Velvetine’ lipstick in Red Velvet!