flag backpack - miss kl blogIndependence Day is awesome: it celebrates the implementation of the declaration of independence (yay freedom!), takes place in sunny, beautiful July, and it advocates pyromania! A holiday with this many good things going for it begs to be celebrated to the highest caliber possible. Feeling pressured to commemorate the Independence Day ‘the right way’? Well no need for all that, because we’ve got a few pointers on how to have a fun, memorable and decidedly impressive 4th of July.

Start Celebrating Early- A good way to make the most of your holiday is to start the festivities early! Breakfast for me is kind of a special occasion anyway because I rarely wake up before 10 but if you’re a morning person, why not make the morning special. Cook up something with your family/roommates. Or you could go out to brunch because, you know, brunch is like late breakfast that you’re allowed to drink at. No brainer in my eyes.


BabeBQ- One of our favorite ways to celebrate in the hot weather. MissKL girls are always stylishly successful when it comes to summer festivities as proof from our Memorial day post. Gather your friends/ food and enjoy the good weather  with a barbecue  You can even make it a potluck if you are less financially inclined/have talented foodie friends. If you have no means to barbecue outside, do so inside but make sure to stick with a barbeque-inspired menu. Although meat is very grill appropriate, there are a plethora of barbecue friendly dishes for vegetarians and vegans. Check out this recipe by our own fabulous social media expert, Brittany on how to make a totally creative and vegetarian-friendly version of a barbecue favorite.


Outdoors vs. Indoors-If you are more the outdoorsy type why not try going on a bike trek in your area? Here in Boston where I currently reside they have Paul Revere’s Ride to Freedom, a 25-mile bike trek in Boston around various historic areas. But regardless of distance or historical relevance a bike expedition would be a perfect way to celebrate what’s around you and take advantage of the good weather. Don’t have good weather to enjoy? Less actively inclined? Why not initiate a bar crawl around your traditional favorite places to celebrate. There’s bound to be a patriotic pub-crawling crowd in your area that would be more than willing to party with their fellow bar-goes so it’s a pretty fool-proof way to commemorate the day.


Pops- If wherever you’re living is having a fireworks display make sure to scope out an ideal viewing destination prior to the event. If there is a public display make sure to get there early and claim your territory so that you can enjoy the best view possible with the people around you. If you don’t want to view with a crowd get creative with spaces to sit back and watch the sky. Try settling on the hood of your car, a fire escape or the roof of your apartment (extra props if you’re not aloud up there to begin with.) finding your own space to celebrate will help make your experience very individual.  Or you could always acquire fireworks and have a show of your own. Just make sure you’re confident that you won’t blow up anything around you. Seriously though, arson is frowned upon. If there’s too much risk involved, stick to sparklers.


Regardless of the when, where and how, enjoy your time with friends and loved ones, stay safe and have a ball celebrating the freedoms that you have; like the freedom of 4th of July debauchery!

4th of July Girl - Miss KL Blog