Welcome to the final round of the blog series ‘Astrostyle’! This time we check out the fascinating Capricorn, Aquarius, & Pisces gals.


♑ Capricorn: You ladies work hard (as your career/ being successful is high on your list of priorities), but you don’t let that stop you from playing hard. A Capricorn girl is not afraid to party until the break of dawn, sleep an hour or two and still be the first one at the office. Down to earth, patient, and driven by desire, you have a tendency to be reserved and may save your sexier side for those closest to you. Famous Capricorn women include the one and only Michelle Obama, the royal Kate Middleton, and ultra babe Kate Moss. Your ruling planet is Saturn. In astrology this planet can teach us the absolute hardest lessons, but thankfully they usually lead to the richest rewards. Don’t let your occasional bouts of pessimism stop you from reaching the top! Your greatest strength is being able to set long term goals and eventually attain them, no shortcuts necessary. Fashion wise, stick to dark colors, a classic neutral makeup palette, and pieces that ooze sophistication.


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: The Moto Chief Jacket in Military, The Meet Matt(e) Nude Eyeshadow Palette, The Tiger Eye Casing Necklace, The BabyGirl Sports Crop

♒ Aquarius: Think of a friend who is quirky, mischievous, unpredictable, and all around ‘different’, she is most likely an Aquarius or has major Aquarius influence in her chart.  You babes are sincere and open minded, with an innumerable amount of interests and acquaintances. Beware of spreading your airy energy too thin. Often more concerned with the integrity of the group (being the sign of the humanitarian) remember to pay attention to the individuals within your collective as well as ‘other people’. Fiercely independent and refusing to follow the crowd, your fashion sense is influenced in opposition by those around you. If everyone at the office party is dressed to the nines, you’ll show up in sweats, and vice versa (rebel, rebel!). Uranus, your ruling planet is known for being shocking and ahead of its time, colors like sky and electric blue would be flattering. Shake things up like fellow sign mates Jennifer AnistonOprah Winfrey, and Yoko Ono.


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: The Galaxy Sublimated Tee in Blue, The Tasha Bag in True Blue, The Nail Lacquer in Slapper, The Holy Smokes Garter Legging in Purple

♓ Pisces: Otherworldly, idealistic, sensitive, and compassionate the Pisces woman is an enigma. There is something fascinating (if not, frustrating) about her one can’t quite put their finger on. Well known Pisceans include violet eyed Elizabeth Taylor, along with the unfathomably beautiful Rihanna and Jessica Biel, and the ethereal musician Grimes. Being a water sign you possess psychic abilities which can turn against you. Soaking up the vibes of those around you like a sponge can get tiresome. Make sure to get plenty of alone time, ‘out of sight out of mind’ does not apply to your friends and lovers. When the trappings of the ego begin to influence you, center your energy and do what you do best, give! Soft pastels would look lovely on you, along with holographic print to represent the scales of the fish! Don’t forget shoes, shoes, shoes, as your sign rules the feet!


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: The UNIF Koop Shoe in Pink Metallic, The Jeffrey Campbell MissKL Exclusive Siren Shoe, The UNIF Cross Trainer Shoe in Rainbow Silver, The O-Mighty Spikey Studded Hologram Choker

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