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The Jeffrey Campbell Soiree Shoe


Once Upon a Shoe:

Once upon a time, the clear glass slipper was all a girl could dream about. Fueled by stories of Cinderella and her Prince Charming, a real encounter with such a style was like a fairytale come true. But then some evil trendsetters decided that the glass slipper was “tacky” and “only for strippers” and sadly, it became a thing of the past. Until 2010, that is, when, with the help of Prada and Fendi, the shoe fell back in the fashion public’s favor. Now, thanks to the minds behind Jeffrey Campbell, we all can feel like pretty princesses again and live happily ever after!

Time to find your inner Cinderella with some new Jeffrey Campbells!

Cinderella Shoe Clearly 2 Jeffrey Campbell - Miss KL Blog Cinderella Shoe Clearly Jeffrey Campbell - Miss KL Blog

Pre-order the exclusive Miss KL x Karmaloop Clearly Shoe

Cinderella Shoe Jeffrey Campbell - Miss KL Blog

Rachel Lynch of IHateBlonde rocking The Exclusive Jeffrey Campbell Siren ShoeCinderella Shoe Lavish Jeffrey Campbell - Miss Kl Blog

The Jeffrey Campbell Lavish Shoe, also available in white.

cinderella shoe jeffrey campbell ellie goulding

Last but not least, Ellie Goulding rocking our Exclusive Siren shoes in Black