Each week Ashley and I have been bringing you some of the most simple (and most wallet-friendly) recipes for all those 20-something year olds, living on their own, with a budget that is anything BUT expendable. Now, I’m definitely a sucker for a good recipe or two, but how about those girls that don’t really have the funds to be dropping hundo’s on beauty products every week? Yup. I see you. I. And what about the ladies that can’t be spending all their free-time mani/pedi’ing it up at the nail salon? Mmmmhmmmmm…I feel you too. That’s when my inner Budgeting-Betty personality comes out to conquer.  While store-bought beauty regiments may be proven to work wonders on your exterior…the fact that you’re spending your grocery dollar bills on them makes my interiors (my guts) twist and turn with money panic. Want to find out how to save some money with easy at-home beauty DIY’s? Here’s some of my favorite tips to stick to….and trust me, you’ll thank me later.

 1. Are you a slave to the hair dye/bleach like I am? Then you must have a head full of uber-DRY hair! Massage silk coconut oil into your hair, and leave it on overnight. Once you rinse it out, you’ll notice your hair feeling extra smooth and soft. 

2.I know that it smells TERRIBLE, but mix patchouli oil with 10 drops of almond oil, and rub it on your face for an overnight mask, and you’ve got yourself an inexpensive wrinkle and acne treatment while spending zero minutes and dollars at the dermatologist. 

3.Need to hella exfoliate but don’t feel like buying a good scrub? Grab yourself some olive oil and sea salt, and you’ve got yourself a natural exfoliating wash, making your obsessive need to use lotion non-existent.  

4. For a temporary self-tanner, simply mix your powdered bronzer with one of your lotions . 

5. To get a whiter smile, mix lemon juice and baking soda together, brush the mixture on, and leave on for 10 minutes every day. 

Enjoy! Stay tuned for more Young, Broke & Undomesticated tips/recipes/general help with life from your resident twenty-something-year-olds who keep busy practicing what they preach!