Facebook. We all have one. And whether we’re on it every hour of the day, or maybe once every 6 months, it’s almost inevitable that we’ll come in contact with at least one of those annoying stereotypical wall updates that make you just want to throw your laptop against a wall. Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’ve never posted 1 of these uber annoying statuses in my life…because that is totally not the case. However, I am going to point out a few of the heaviest of hitters when it comes to the most ridiculous Facebook status’s ever known to man kind. Be prepared…you MAY be guilty of one, yourself. Here’s the top 5 Annoying Facebook Status Updates to Hit Your Feed:


1. The gym update:  

facebook statuses

Because we ALL care about your 30 minute workout with your super hot trainer, and how much weight you can lift after a month, and how awesome your stomach looks right now. Please…tell me more about it, because I’m literally DYING to read about it! 
2. The super ambiguous post:


These are the people who think they’re being super mysterious…except everyone already knows about your business and who you’re talking about, so it really doesn’t matter. All you’re doing is fishing for sympathy, then once you get it, you delete the post. (I’m SO guilty of this, it hurts!) 
3. The ugly food photo update:


It’s bad enough we have to deal with the serial restaurant goer’s, whom like to post every single dish from their extravagant dinner within a 15 minute span of time….now you want to take photos of your plain Jane sandwich you made yourself? These are the people who seriously are eating alone in their apartment, watching Seinfeld reruns and looking for a little attention from all their friends on Facebook who they do NOT know. Save the photo flicks for Pinterest, and get off my feed. 


4. The location update: 


No one REALLY needs to know where you are at this very moment with whoever you invited. Seriously. Do you think I’m going to run right over or something? Nor do you need to tag me in whatever location we’re currently at, as well. 
5. The TMI update: 


Please don’t give me your life story on my Facebook feed. I do not need to know how bad you want to cheat on your husband but feel so terrible about it, or how you think you may be pregnant but don’t know who the father would be. Facebook isn’t your personal diary. No one needs to know all the nitty gritty you’re going through right now. Buy yourself a journal.