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Summer is here and the sun is finally out, which is a legitimate concept here in Boston because of the four seasons and all. So during the summer, it’s imperative to celebrate the solitary months that the sun is actually out and shining with the most appropriate summer accessory: sunglasses! Sunglasses are wonderful for a number of reasons. They keep your eyes healthy by protecting your retinas from harsh rays. They shield them from migraine-inducing brightness and judgment when you’re hungover. And they make people watching in public places more discreet.

In this day and age there are numerous styles of sunglasses to fit any personality type, and mood and any fashion phase. The possibilities are endless, making the prospect of settling on a pair a little bit daunting. I myself have always been discouraged about purchasing sunglasses because I don’t think that I have a face that’s made to rock them. No matter how many I try on they are always too small, too bug eyed, or just insolubly wrong for me. But in the vast world of sun-protecting spectacles there, somewhere, lays the ideal pair.

But in the mean time, here are tons of different sunglasses styles ranging from smart to shocking that would be perfectly rock-able for the summer. With all the variety, anyone, regardless of preference, is bound to find the perfect pair.

Cat Eye Sunglasses - the Miss KL Blog

Cat Eye sunglasses- Classic, and girly. Instantly feel like an old movie star. 

Top Left:  The *MKL Accessories Cosmic Sunglasses in Gold

Top Right: The Cheap Monday Feline Sunglasses in Amber Turtle Silver

Bottom Left: The *MKL Accessories Lady Luck Sunglasses in Black and Tortoise

Bottom Right: The *MKL Accessories Splash Sunglasses in Green

Round Sunglasses - Miss KL Blog

Round- No longer just worn for John Lennon nostalgia. These are very trendy and very bold.

Top Left: The Quay Eyewear Mo Da Sunglasses in Green Leopard

Top Right: The Untitled & Co Sunglasses in Fresh Water Pearls

Bottom Left: The Replay Vintage Sunglasses 90′s Steam Sunglasses in Black

Bottom Right: The Quay Eyewear On Yai Sunglasses in Black

Wayfarers - Miss KL BlogWayfarer- There’s a reason everyone loves to rock Raybans. Wayfarers have a very universally flattering shape- even for my sunglass-hopeless face!    

Top Left: The Super Sunglasses Ciccio Glasses in Jacquard

Top Right: The *MKL Accessories Mirage Sunglasses in White

Bottom Left: Super Sunglasses The Basic Sunglasses in Black & Silver

Bottom Right: The Super Sunglasses Ciccio Glasses in Red

Random Sunglasses - Miss KL Blog 

Novelty- Find love in unlikely places!

Top Left: The Replay Vintage Sunglasses Off Beat Sunglasses with Black Tint

Top Right: The Replay Vintage Sunglasses Mod Squad Sunglasses in Brown Tortoise

Bottom Left: The Replay Vintage Dolbey Sunglasses in Clear

Bottom Right: The Replay Vintage Sunglasses Velvet Underground Glasses in Black