Hello again babes! Looks like Monday is here yet again. Isn’t it weird how it’s so much harder to get back to work when your weekend was particularly awesome?  Hope you spent just a tiny bit of time on our Summer Sale in between all your other crazy weekend events.

As for the theme this week – well, let’s just say it’s barely a month into the warm weather and I’m already over all the floral and color blocking. Here’s to a mellow monochrome summer filled with plenty of beach time, coffee time, cocktail time and museum time – basically anything that gives you a chance to unwind, reflect, and improve. There’s just something about the trendless-ness of black and white that gets that across more than the rest of the spectrum.  omg5omg13 omg7 omg8  omg14omg9Fashion Photographer Horst Diekgerdes 5 - Miss KL Blogomg2omg10 omg11