When I arrived in Montreal Canada Friday afternoon the streets were on fire. The local landscape was being transformed right in front of my eyes and it was surreal. The hype was all about Mural Festival, the 3-day long  public art fest that takes place primarily on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in downtown Montreal. The festival featured over 35 local and international graffiti artists in a city-wide expression of large-scale street art. Mural festival was born to promote local creativity and the democratization of urban art.




(Photos by Emilija Cvetanovska)

 Not only did I get to stand in front of these beautiful and towering works of art, but I also had the chance to watch many of the pieces in flux, as they were being created by the talented and height-defying artists over the course of the festival. Huge cranes and scaffolding cast shadows on Saint-Laurent Boulevard as belaying artists completed these giant, conceptual wall pieces. Amazing what a person can do with a can of spray-paint.

Well known street artists like Chris Dyer, Christina Angelina, WZRDS GNG and LNY showcased their work at this amazing venue, not to mention all the preexisting graffiti from crews like En Masse and A’Shop. Check out photos and find out about the muralists at the Mural Festival Website.

Here are some more great street shots from Saint-Laurent Blvd:


en massejasonbotkinmuralfest6muralfest7

These are my favorite pieces up right now. There was one amazing piece outside of the festival, of a female Max from “Where The Wild Things Are” but I didn’t get a photo and I couldn’t find one. I guess it’s my white whale.

A Bientot!