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My, oh my, O-Mighty is here! This Singapore-based brand has been blowing up Instagram with its over-sized prints, Simpson references, and 90s throwbacks. In other words, we’re in love! We’ve been stocking up on accessories, including Miss KL exclusives like our hologram bag line, and printed clutches and backpacks. Stay tuned for more graphic content in the works, and in the meantime, check out what’s available now!

O-Mighty Hologram Bag - Miss KL Blog

Everything’s prettier in pink, don’t you think? We’ve got a few exclusive bags that are sure to stand out. Shop our exclusive Hologram clutch, Hologram backpack, and Hologram tote.

O-Mighty Accessories - Miss KL BLogGet graphic with our totally rad zip-up clutches or flashback to the nineties in these glittering chokers.

Check back soon on Miss KL for more gear from O-Mighty! This is more of an accessories preview, but we’ve got plenty of tees, dresses, and more on the way. Remember, patience is a virtue :).







































O-Mighty Accessories - Miss KL BLog