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This spring we partnered up with blogger Olivia Lo, and one of our favorite lines, Blaque Market to bring you one of the raddest capsule collections of the season. Available ONLY on Miss KL comes the official Lust for Life x BLQ MKT line, perfect for the girls who put the “DANG!!!” in “Dangerous.” From glamazon dresses, to fresh to death basics, the new line is killing me with major shoppers anxiety. (How long until pay day?) Get your hands on the exclusive line before it’s gone forever! We caught up with the young blogger to hear about her long path to building the line,  from conceptualizing each piece, to the absolute finished result. Check out her interview now!

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Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Olivia and I pen the blog Lust for Life. Aside from blogging I work on projects related to Lust for Life—from event and video hosting, editorial and production styling and I also run my vintage site The Caravan J


How did the partnership between yourself and BLQ MKT come into play? Have you always wanted to design your own clothing?

I was styling Blaque Market and Blaque Label’s lookbook and linesheets when John had asked over lunch if I’ve ever thought of creating my own clothes. It’s one of those things that I’ve always dreamt of doing, but just never had the opportunity—so as soon as the shoot was over, the planning stages for my capsule collection quickly begun!


When designing the line, where did you go for inspiration?

I dug straight into my closet and looked through old moodboards and clippings to create the line. I found that the common thread of all the different images and articles of clothing I’ve kept for years was my teenage obsession with motorcycles and muscle cars. Despite all the trends I’ve tried and styles I’ve tested, the basics of my wardrobe consisted of staple leather pants, my studded hot shorts, slinky one pieces and moto jackets.



How do you think your knowledge as a blogger who has traveled the world, and seen thousands of new collections benefited you as a designer?
Seeing collections, meeting influencers and traveling definitely trains your eye to foresee what’s going to hot on the streets seasons before the collections even hit stores. You can identify with trends before it becomes saturated, but you can also isolate yourself by knowing what to avoid in being too trendy.

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What is one piece that you are absolutely obsessed with, and why? Is there a particular piece you feel is the “CORE” of this collection?

The studded high waist shorts is the epitome of Lust for Life. It was directly inspired by leather, vintage corset shorts that my friend Suzanne had purchased for me, and they are the craziest thing I own yet the number one piece in my closet that has gotten the most use. You can’t really wash it, and it’s from the 80’s…and the crazy adventures that the previous owner  probably in them had carried on in the nights I wore them out.  They are also the one piece that will guarantee conversation starters everywhere you go.


Who do you imagine being the “Lust for Life x BLQ MKT” girl? What is she like?

The Lust for Life x Blq Mkt girl is the globe trotter or girl about town, who brings life to the clothes instead letting trends define her. She’s bold enough to wear out that one statement piece, but can equally bring an edge to the most basic pieces.  It’s an equal balance casual and bold, pairing a basic tee  with leather pants or moto jackets.



What direction do you see your career going now that you’ve officially launched a very successful (and very chic, I may add) clothing collection?

Designing was such a fulfilling process, that I definitely would love to consult for more brands in the future in envisioning, creating, and delivering ideas. Blogging has taught me to making a living to having a life, and I really hope that I can continue more projects that I can immerse myself in wholly.