Hey Ladies! Hope everyone had a fabulous week. I can feel the collective “It’s Friday Bitches” sentiment in the air! So here is what we’ve been up to. In the event that you missed our May This Miss KL then you must get your pretty little butt over to Rachel Lynch’s #IHateBlonde feature. Like, yesterday. Check it HERE 

Whether you were born in the 80′s or not, you’ve got to appreciate the a la Modonna days of the decade. The glitz and glamour of the hair spray, acid wash, shoulder pad, 4 finger ring era is all around us! Here is a little totally bitchin’ fashion inspiration.

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 6.38.34 PM

Check out these killer duds by MINKPINK, For Love & Lemons, MKL Collective and One Teaspoon

So do you guys remember the movie Rad?  It was so awesome when the main character, Cru, and his love interest court each other with bike stunts at the dance.  He then works up the guts to join the big Helltack race and wins! Victoriously Cru uses his winnings to start a Rad Race t-shirt company. The story is so epic just like one of our favorite brands, Vans. I am still sweating those Rad collaboration sneakers they put out. Even though we don’t carry the kicks we do have tons of new #totallyradical Vans apparel for you HERE.


The 1980’s were a vivid, energetic and colorful time. So let loose, get glam and go out with some color #InYourFace this weekend! Stuff your #CaboodleCase at Miss KL Beauty

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Later Days!