Something about the warm weather that makes me want to do nothing but throw on an easy graphic tee and a pair of cut-offs. Unfortunately, that would get kind of boring day after day….if your t-shirt is boring. Luckily for me (and you), we’ve got plenty of extra awesome graphics in stock right now, plus tons of textual tees that are saying all the right things. For example, our new brand Untitled & Co. pairs rap lyrics with beloved pop culture references, giving us a whole new witty context to the words. I’m super in love with the Clueless reference below. There’s been lots of talk about clashing patterns already, but I personally like to keep it simple and only mix two prints at the most, ideally with a graphic snapback or a pair of leggings. Here’s what’s on my wish list for this week (and PS, my b-day is coming up so…)

Get Graphic - Miss KL Blog

1.) Style Stalker Metamorphosis Parka

2.) United Couture Babe Cap

3.) Creep Street Evil Eve Crop

4.) The Civil Exclusive Green Haze Muscle Tee

5.) Rollin With the Homies Crop Tee

6.) Glamorous Hero Tee

7.) See You Monday Hard Knock Leggings