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Remember our Snapshot posts? They’ve been on hiatus for a bit – whoops! Here’s a look at a fairly well known fashion photographer, Alice Hawkins, to get us rolling again. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and more, and her ad campaigns have included Topshop and Agent Provocateur. Not a bad resume, right? Complex mag named her amongst the top 50 fashion photographers, citing her work as “sexy and intriguing.”  While her work for other companies typically features models, her other projects seem to focus on taking people she finds interesting and elevating them to a new level of glamour. She told Telegraph, “‘Yes, you could laugh at so many people who make a bit of an effort but aren’t’ – she makes speech marks with her fingers – ‘fashionable, but I think people who aren’t fashionable are the most interesting.’” Here are a few of our favorite shots by the London-based photographer:


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