blog post - bday

With only one day left until my birthday, I figured I’d do something super adult and make a wish list of items I’m requiring people to get me. (Totally kidding…but seriously.) It’s pretty difficult working for such a rad online store because there’s always 5 things that I want to buy, which may or may not be a good thing. Here’s my top 8 things from Miss KL that I am pretty much DYING for on this birthday.

  1. A pair or “Bat” Quay sunglasses 
  2. My absolute most favorite Lolli Swimwear “Ziggy Stardust” one piece
  3. Something every 24 year old girl needs…an inflatable unicorn head 
  4. This super cute Friend of Mine leather dress 
  5. Every pair of One Teaspoon denim cutoffs 
  6. This AMAZING Omighty “Batman” clutch 
  7. I’m DYING for these Jefferey Campbell “Eyes” flats
  8. Some cute NCLA x Nailing Hollywood nail wraps