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The Miss KL and Karmaloop gang were fortunate enough to be invited to the Rooftop at Revere Hotel’s opening this past Saturday. In case you ever want a look into what us Boston-based fashion folks do in our spare time, we did a quick photo diary of the night. The event included a performance from Australian band The Kin, a silent auction, art from local gallery Lot F, and for the main attraction, models/servers showing off a new line of swimwear (Pret-A-Surf) created by Jillian Demling (Entertainment Editor at Vogue) and Karen Mulligan (Studio Manager for the photographer, Annie Leibovitz). In all honesty though, the main appeal for us was the free summer-y appetizers and cocktails (shhh) including mini lobster rolls, (a New England favorite, duh), scallop ceviche, strawberry/Grey Goose cocktails, and plenty of champagne (with a St. Germaine topper if desired). Needless to say, as the night wore on, our photos got increasingly less shareable, so enjoy the PG version kids:

Revere Rooftop 6 - Miss Kl Blog

Revere rooftop 5

revere rooftop 4

Revere Rooftop 9 - Miss KL Blog

revere rooftop 3 - miss kl blog

Revere Rooftop - Miss KL Blog

Revere Rooftop 2 - Miss KL Blog

Revere Rooftop 5 - Miss KL Blog

Revere Rooftop 8 - Miss KL BLog

Revere Rooftop 7 - Miss KL Blog

Art for sale from local gallery, Lot F

Revere Rooftop 10 - Miss KL Blog

Revere Rooftop 11 - Miss KL BLog

The Kin performing by the pool

Revere Rooftop 12 - Miss Kl BLog

One of the couture gowns sold in the silent auction

Revere Rooftop 13 - MIss KL Blog

Servers/Models sporting the featured swimwear line – a little preppy for Miss KL but look at that face!

Revere Rooftop 14 - Miss KL Blog

Revere Rooftop 15 - Miss KL Blog