Power Clashing - Miss KL Blog (Photo: Beckermanbiteplate)

Inspired by Samantha Beckerman: How does she rock the power clash so effortlessly? Her and her two sisters created the style blog Beckerman Bite Plate, and it has definitely taught us a thing or two on how to mix loud patterns and various textures without looking like a two year old learning to dress herself.

Power Clashing 2 -  Miss KL Blog

(Photo: Beckermanbiteplate)

Power Clashing 3 - Miss KL Blog

(Photo: Beckermanbiteplate)

Thanks for those groovy ideas Samantha! Now, here are a few pieces from MissKL (mainly on sale) to help demonstrate how to achieve this tripped out look.  Just remember that all rules in fashion were made to be broken and you CAN give ‘em pattern, texture, shine and more pattern all at once!

Power Clashing How to - Miss KL Blog

A. The Bitching & Junkfood Waikiki Sweater in Blue

B. The *Accessories Boutique Nightlight Scarf in Coral

C. The Tripp NYC Slashed Back Legging in Natural Leopard

D. The Volcom Krochet Kids Beanie in Neon Lime (sold out)

E. The Nila Anthony 1000 Grams Satchel

F. The Dr. Martens 1460 8-Eye Boot in Bronze

– Rachel Gariepy