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susanne bartsch 2Party-goer, party-thrower, and all around New York cool girl, Susanne Bartsch is definitely one of our favorite taste-makers. Becoming famous for her over-the-top parties at the renown Copacabana in NYC, The New York Times deemed Bartsch “the night life equivalent of a couture label,” which is some pretty awesome praise in our book. A proponent of the fabulous and the freakish, Bartsch is definitely a style icon for the ages. The club queen and event producer has rocked the kind of outfits that Lady Gaga would be jealous of (and was probably inspired by), and we’ve definitely tried to bring a bit of that wild style to Miss KL through brands like OS Accessories and Pleaser. Needless to say, we were thrilled to hear that Bartsch would soon be leaving the island of Manhattan for a brief stint in Boston at the Revere Hotel. The event will feature not only the lovely Bartsch, but a pop-up concert that combines the nightlife experiences of an underground concert and one of her infamous exclusive parties. If you’re in Boston, you should definitely hit up the event! You can bet that we’ll all be there.

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