I’ll start off by saying that this outfit is very rare for me.  You probably wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at my day-to-day getup (huge unflattering tee & vans or boots, and at least one thing black) that I’m in love with the idea of being a girly girl.  Sadly for me, I literally feel like I’ve forgotten how to be that- if I throw on a pretty dress, I won’t feel right unless I pair it with sneakers or boots and/or a beanie/snapback.  Luckily I have these blog posts and our models to play dress up with and live vicariously through. I can dress them to look like a slob like me, or I can dress them in something I adore but couldn’t personally see myself in.




I’m a sucker for iridescent things, hence my love for this skirt and bracelet (links right below)

We’re lucky to have the beautiful Boston Common right outside our door for frolicking and great photo ops.  I had an actual dilemma choosing which color tulips to take these photos in front of…clearly a hard day at work.

Here’s what baby Kaya is wearing:

Top: The Belladonna Top by Glamorous

Skirt: The Mermaid Skirt by UNIF

Necklace: The Farsi Nameplate Necklace by Melody Eshani

Bracelet: The Twist Bracelet by Cheap Monday

Shoes: The Attina Shoe by Jeffrey Campbell

Ice Cream: Vanilla Soft Serve by The Ice Cream Truck Across The Street

because as drop dead gorgeous as she is, Kaya’s also an enormous goofball.



Photographer: Mari Nishimura
Model: Kaya Hall