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 Founders Ashley Jones & Laura Fama

If you haven’t heard of DimePiece yet, then prepare to have an epic style epiphany. Founded back in 2007, DimePiece is one of those rare brands where the concept and story behind each piece is equally as fresh as the clothes themselves. Founders Ashley Jones and Laura Fama describe their vision for DimePiece as a “go-to brand for girl power, cult graphics and uninhibited contemporary streetwear.” Basically, all my favorite things wrapped into one. As a born and bred LA gal, I’m especially fond of the Southern California-based brand and aesthetic, which is why I was hyped to be able to interview the brains behind the operation. Learn more about Ashley and Laura below, and check out DimePiece on Karmaloop!


How did Dimepiece come to be/how did you two meet and decide to start a brand?

We started DimePiece on our way back from Las Vegas on New Year’s day in 2007 (maybe it was some sort of hangover epiphany). We didn’t see either of ourselves working a regular 9-5, we are both creative daydreamers and wanted to make an environment for ourselves where we could create and express ourselves through our products. We started the conversation about how we could do this…7 hours of traffic later we were still talking about it…we stepped out of the car back in LA and have been working day and night on DimePiece ever since.

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Where do you often look for your design inspiration?

Festivals, street style, international fashion & design magazines, traveling, the bloggersphere, Tokyo street culture, Sweden, UK, London, Berlin street style and definitely vintage fashion photography books & magazines. I.D magazine, V mag, Bullet Mag, Nylon Mag, Elle, anything that catches our eye is thrown on the inspiration wall as reference.

When you can spark emotion or memories in people through your design, it becomes personal to them…that’s why we do a lot of phrases women can relate to and use a lot of nostalgia in our design because it takes people to a place and time in their mind.


Who is the Dimepiece girl? 

A women with good vibes & energy, she’s the new age type of woman who’s on the nose of fashion, shy confidence, and effortlessly stylish.

“It was like something was going down in history every time I was with her. Every time I was around her I felt it was the place to be.” [Damon Dash on Aaliyah]

Dimepiece LA Interview - Miss KL Blog

What’s your go-to DimePiece item?

Our 5 panels, tote bags to shove mostly everything I tote-around, comfy oversized unisex crew neck sweaters, and of course our tees man!


When you’re not working on Dimepiece, where can you be found?

At home doing random art projects, museums, titty bars (let’s be honest), meditation centers, or lounging at the Hollywood socialite artist conglomerate Soho House. Downtown Los Angeles is really special to us because we work and play in DTLA, it’s an upcoming area with new small fashion boutiques and hotels opening up in the next few years. You can find us at anywhere that’s fun and has good vibes. LA is very eclectic like our personalities, we’re open to anything new and exciting, there’s never really a plan…we just go with what feels good.

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From one So-Cal girl to another, what are your favorite places to go shopping in Los Angeles?

Shopping at Opening Ceremony or Wild Style on the famous Melrose Ave which DimePiece is carried at. These boutiques have a variety of high end street and a mix of eclectic designers, definitely must-have ‘key’ pieces to lust over.  For vintage, I would say go to Squarevilles in Loz Feliz, which is our favorite little spot. Downtown you definitely have to head to the Well on S. Olive Street which is a new concept store that houses a ton of great brands and also a hair salon…it’s very much a ‘lifestyle’ boutique.


Who were you the most excited to see wearing your designs?

Hmmm, mostly our everyday customers are bad asses for buying the line from season to season. We really cater to them. They help support the brand which is amazing to see! We’re lucky to have bad gal Rihanna wear DimePiece regularly, also model of the year Cara Delevingne sporting our ‘Ain’t No Wifey’ tank and literally creating tidal waves on the bloggersphere with it. Ooo and Miley Cyrus rocking our summer ‘oh shit’ top with her adorable new look and hairstyle, she’s definitely showing DimePiece love lately and we love her for it.

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I’ve been waiting for your new lookbook Womanhood to drop – what’s the story/inspiration behind it?

Womanhood is a representation of a girl’s life…where she goes, what she says, who she’s with and why she is the way she is. There isn’t so much a story behind it…the story itself is still being told. (You’ll see more of what we mean when the collection drops). Stay tuned…


What can we expect to see from you two in the future? 

DimePiece LA to go even more global, we are moving into tons of accessories like bags, eyewear, shoes and books. Hmm maybe even a flagship shop next year…plans in the making.


Answered by: Laura Fama and Ashley Jones

Co-Creators of DimePiece LA