Elin NCLA babe behind the brand

Meet the total fox behind beauty brand NCLA! Elin has been giving Miss KL and Karmaloop the gift of amazing nail wraps and polishes for some time now, so it was nice to finally talk with the lovely lady behind the LA-based company. Between collabs with Melody Ehsani and Nailing Hollywood, celebrity endorsements from Rachel McAdams and Zoe Saldana, and representation in Nylon and Marie Claire, NCLA is def a heavy hitter in the nail game. Its main deal is bringing fresh, LA inspired designs to pretty much anyone with access to the internet, and believe it when we say that their wraps are way better than your basic drugstore Sally Hansen stuff. Learn more about Elin and how NCLA came to be!

How did you create NCLA?

We came up with NCLA because we saw a gap in fun innovative designs. We thought we could push the envelope and I think that’s what we’ve done so far! I’m so proud of every single design we have out there :) . I also love our 5 free nail polishes as well, we carefully select and mix the trendiest shades every season.


Where do you often look for your design inspiration? / How has LA inspired your work?

Inspiration comes from everywhere! Flipping through a magazine, watching a movie, blogs, seeing prints etc. LA has inspired me a lot, I love the culture mix in this city. Also, how can you not be inspired by perfect weather and the beach?


Who is the NCLA girl?

The NCLA girl is a fashionista who is smart and confident and loves to be daring with her nails.

 Melody Ehsani NCLA - Miss Kl Blog

Do you have any favorite nail wrap designs for summer?

I am obsessed with our new wraps “art deco” from our NCLA x Melody Ehsani collection. The color palette on these wraps are so pretty and feminine I love them!


When you’re not working on NCLA, where can you be found?

I am your typical girl that loves to go shopping and lay out at the beach, I’m also never without my sisters <3


From one So-Cal girl to another, where’s your favorite area/place to go shopping in Los Angeles?

There are so many! I like shopping on Melrose and 3rd street, shopping in B.H is nice as well and you can also find me at the Beverly Center…

 NCLA__Melody_Ehsani New - Miss KL Blog

Who were you the most excited to see wearing your designs?

I get excited when ANYONE wears our products but celebrity wise it was super exciting to see Rachel McAdams, Zoe Saldana and Ke$ha wear our wraps.


Who would you love to do your next collab with?

There are so many designers I would like to collaborate with but I don’t want to jinx it ;)


We love your Melody Ehsani collabs! How did you guys decide to start working together?

My sister actually introduced me to her jewelry and gave me her phone number. I called her and asked her if she would be interested in doing a collaboration, she came to our office and the rest is history! We are on a 3rd collection and all our designs are really strong, our customers are hungry for more!


Any tips for the perfect NCLA nail wrap application?

Yes! It’s important to take your time when applying our wraps. Also, I suggest using a wrap that is slightly smaller than your nail, this way it will adhere better to your nail for a longer wear.


What can we expect to see from you & NCLA in the future?

A lot of new products! We have really exciting items coming out this year so you’ll have to stay tuned !