This installment of Weekly Hashtags and Trends is going is as sweet as candy. We’ve got so many fun things going on, as well as great new drops and brands.

It’s kind of a ghost town around the office today. The crew is traveling to distant and far away magical places. Ok, not so far. Unless you plan to walk there from Boston but “hey” at least you get to burn off all this candy. Sit back and take a bite outta this!

We’re at Coachella and about to embark on our weekend adventure.  The cohorts in the bunch are buyers Jeni, Holland and Fab, social media maven @BrittanyWould and me. (I am the marketing director in case you are wondering if  @Giobangs is some random anon hacker person who lurks your #Selfies and lures you in with candy). We will be syndicating our jaunts through the hashtag #MissKLTrippingOut.

We wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out so here is our awesome #Coachella page. Make sure to click through to our blog for more content and dispatches from the yearly oasis of kick ass music, fashion, and some mild debauchery #notgonnalie #desertrave Click here for the #MissKLTrippingOut action.


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I mentioned that the office is pretty empty and that’s also because our co-workers @Karmaloop are off doing some kick-ass things, surprised? You will be…Check out our #VergeCampus #KarmalooponTour featuring @SteveAoki and @KendrickLamar. 27 stops!  You can enter to win tickets HERE

Speaking of Steve Aoki, we got new Dim Mak in! If you don’t know about the brand, you’re about to get schooled….Dim Mak is Steve’s record label and clothing brand. They collaborate with a bunch of awesome musicians such as Mustard Pimp, Misfits and Classix on t-shirts. This ain’t no tour merch. Get yours HERE…. Rock it! (pun intended)

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We have some new goods in from one of my favorite brands, not even hyperbolizing this statement, FUNKTIONAL. Peep summer dresses HERE. I’m loving the pastel colors. They remind me of those chalky yet yummy dinner mints that you get on your way out of restaurants, sometimes they have a regular ass spoon to  scoop them out.

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SALE ALERT! I know most of you are going H.A.M. acquiring a spring/summer wardrobe, and it’s hard on the pockets.  You buy some wedges and then you need the right bag to go with it, you scored these awesome cut off shorts but that bodysuit would go so well. I totally feel your pain sistas. But here we come to save the day. A Sale on dresses! SHOP HERE

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