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Wondering WHAT?! we’ve got for you this week? Nothing but awesomeness. So psyched it is Friday, finally the weather is forgiving here in cold ass Boston. We are going kayaking this weekend. I am hoping I don’t capsize, mainly because I will be wearing my new summer gear from Miss KL! I will also be bringing my new wardrobe to the city of perpetual summer, Miami, next weekend. Can’t wait to party, hit the beach and eat delicious Cuban food. Stay tuned for dispatches via #MissKLMiami.

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Ring Ring! Let’s take a moment to talk about cell phone cases. These are the most functional and fashionable accessories a girl could have.  Weather you like to keep it low key or jazz it up, bring on the buzz with some of our Miss KL phone cases. Psst… we know you’ve been racking up that cell phone bill. Just sayin’ I do too by sending a million texts messages a month. Some of our cases are actually on SALE, you can get some for as low as 15 bucks! You know, just looking out. CLICK HERE to see more. Ohhh and make sure to download our amazing app HERE, it’s really pretty and easy to navigate. Yeah, we’re proud of ourselves ;)

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So do you guys know about #MKLCollective yet? Here are the #Deets, MKL Collective is our in-house brand. We offer an array of goods from accessories to lingerie to hats to dresses to…Ok you get it. Point in case it is a one-stop-shop for super cute and affordable fashion and accessories! Take a gander, HERE.

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You might have been seeing a lot of the #Siren shoe by Jeffrey Campbell out on the bloggersphere lately. It is very CLEAR why everyone is hyped on our collab! They are on pre-sale and selling out fast. We sent some to our favorite bloggers and celebs, so make sure to cop a pair and be among the who’s who.

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And speaking of “who’s who,” the bombshell, #HannaBeth, came to visit us this week. Check out her awesome modeling skills on Miss KL. #MissKLBabe


So there you go, you’ve got your weekly snapshot. We do a lot shit so make sure to Stay Up with @RealMissKL #MissKL on all our socials.

Love ya, Don’t change =)