Some of you may not know that the Karmaloop/Miss KL head quarters are based in Boston. If you’ve watched the news or spoken to another human in the last week then you know what’s been going down – the Boston Marathon bombing. Our office is literally 3 blocks from the blast! It happened right on our street. Good thing everyone here is safe and unharmed. It’s been such a hectic time but we are back in effect! Needless to say, sorry for the delay on my WHAT column but here we go…right back at ya!

You’ve all been showered with #MissKLTrippingOut content from Coachella. We tore it up! Because we are hustlers, we’re already planning our next jaunts. Naturally we’ll keep you all in #karmaLOOP, we know you won’t want to #MISSkl a thing.

Here are some hints: glamour, carousing, salacious, vivid! Also we have a secret music video debut this week. Check back to see who.

Another reason for our Cali trip was for the spectacular Lust for Life x BLQ.MRT launch party presented by yours truly, Miss KL. The collection will be dropping soon, so get on your horses. Check out our #MissKLLustForLife hashtag for the insiders look.

We want to also give a shout to our amazingly talented DJ,  So Super Sam, what a #MissKLBabe.  Whoot, get it gurl.


Now for the goods….In the words of #WillSmith it is “summer, summer, summertime.” You know you’ve been grinding at the gym for this (or, if you’re like me, opting in for the stairs vs the escalators – don’t judge). We’ve got new swimwear in!

Check out these neon two pieces by Beach Riot.  I love how bright colors give your tan a pop! Trying to go for something a little more risqué? I dare you! Make a splash with this lovely piece by Minimale Animale. You’ll be causing some serious rubbing necking.

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 3.18.16 PM

Our girl crush #IggyAzalea has been rocking it like a BOSS! #BTW have you seen the music video for her latest single “Slo”? It is a must. Peep it c/o of #GlobalGrind

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 2.24.14 PM

Miss KL Music: Fast Forward just released our exclusive #SamanthaRonson mixtape. Check it out HERE and get your jam on.

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 3.30.14 PM

Any respectable lady never leaves the house without….a bag! Where else would you keep your make-up essentials, mints in the case of unexpected make-out sesh, party favors (if you’re into that kind of thing ;)>) and your life support a.k.a. cell phone? We got you. So many new BAGS, take your pick. #Soclutch

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 3.44.44 PM



Till Next Time!

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.