Ultra Music Festival - Miss KL BlogNow that I am fully recovered from the craziness that is Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival I am ready to fill you in on my exhausting yet unforgettable four day adventure, including my outfits and other festival goers get ups.  As most of you know, electronic dance music events are known for their obnoxiously bright and bizarre fashion.  Throughout the weekend, Bayfront Park was flooded with the stereotypical “Kandi Ravers” who are easy to pick out of the crowd because they are decked out in faux fur, tutus and neon. But amongst the half naked bodies covered in glitter and beads I did come across some pretty rad outfit choices.  I managed to document some of the super cute fashion I stumbled upon through the course of the three day festival.

The latest trends that I saw every which way I looked included fun flower power headbands, crowns and turbans, neon and studded fanny packs, oversized sunnies, chuck taylors, 80s-inspired high-waisted shorts, layered arm candy, body chains and fringe. I was definitely drawn towards the ladies who were able to create super cute unique looks incorporating the fun colors and accessories, showing off a bit of skin while still remaining on-trend and chic without going overboard. Some of my favorite looks from the weekend are featured in the slideshow below.

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With some help from Miss KL I managed to put together some really fun outfits for the festival. Festival fashion is my favorite and I thoroughly enjoy dressing up for Ultra considering I can get a little more creative and funky. When choosing outfits for this event you must keep in mind that Miami tends to get pretty hot and there aren’t very many places to take cover from the sun at Bayfront Park due to the 200,000 people in attendance (hence the reason some people wear as little clothes as possible). Also, the festival runs from 12pm to 12am each day, so for all the die-hards that is an extremely long time to be on your feet.  With the heat, the constant dancing and long hours on your feet, it is super important to remain comfortable.  Who says comfort can’t be cute? Miss KL made it super easy to look chic while feeling comfortable throughout the three days. Below you will find my outfits for each day of the festival!

day 1

Day one was super muggy and humid and we actually experienced a rain shower which most people would view as an inconvenience but was welcomed with open arms by the thousands of sweaty festival goers.  I decided to wear a pair of thrifted black and white high waist polka dot cotton hot shorts with the superman bodice in lime from One Teaspoon, a black denim moto vest and the Lathan leather sneaker wedge by Jeffrey Campbell.  The shorts were super comfy while the superman bodice doubles as a bathing suit top which worked out nicely with the rain. The sneaker wedges enabled me to dance for hours without complaining and provided me with a bit of height so I could see all the action over people’s heads.

day 2

Day two was a shorter day for us as we did not attend the festival for that long considering we went to a winter music conference pool party at the National hotel. I decided to go with a pair of black high waist leather shorts, the super adorable Coconuts bra top from This is A Love Song and the absolutely amazing HOMG platform sneaker in floral from Jeffrey Campbell.  The coconuts bra top from This is A Love Song is one of my favorite pieces for this upcoming festival season.  It is super comfy and versatile and manages to turn heads in the crowd because of its bold message printed in metallic gold. The sneakers added the perfect pop of color and I drew in the metallic with a gold braided belt.

day 3

Day three was the hottest of all three days so I took this into major consideration when choosing an outfit. I wanted to make sure I chose clothing that would not show sweat easily and would keep me feeling comfortable all day. I also wanted to go a little grungier and edgy so I decided to wear the high-waisted distressed denim UNIF mosh shorts in black with the One Teaspoon Future Holster Bodice in silver and the Lethan leather sneaker wedges from Jeffrey Campbell.  I accessorized with the official Dillon Francis “IDGAFOS” snapback which helped take the attention away from my frizzy hair.  Also featured in this picture is the Stay Studded Bag in black from Accessories Boutique which I used all weekend.  The shorts were super soft and on the looser side helping me to stay comfortable. The bodice covered just enough skin and the arm attachments helped keep it in place all day. It was the absolute perfect outfit for a hot day!

I have multiple festivals lined up throughout the summer and can’t wait to share my photos and outfit choices with you again!

– Jenna Tortorici