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With Coachella upon us, it’s time to plan your desert time accordingly, and make sure you do this year’s fest the right way. It doesn’t sound like a real issue, but there’s countless people who spend each year experiencing the event without ever REALLY experiencing it. Don’t fret, we’ve all done it. Which is why we’re here to help you build that Coachella bucket list of yours, and share with you the top 5 things to do at this year’s music fest. Get your check list ready! Here are the things you absolutely MUST do:

1. Actually attend one of the killer day parties you’ve been hearing so much about! Yes, yes. We all know that the point of going to Coachella is to actually hear live music. But then the day you get back home, you hear all about the GREAT day parties you missed out on while you were busy sitting in the beer garden. They’re the type of parties that actually make your experience THAT much better! Trust me…when you have a drunken conversation with Kanye West while you have the BEST time ever, you’ll certainly be thanking me!

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2.Try to make buddies with your famous fellow fest goers. It’s no secret that Coachella is the West Coast mecca for celebrity sightings. From Kate Bosworth to Katy Perry, you’re bound to stumble upon a famous face one way or another. Do you ever have one of those once in a lifetime opportunities where you could have TOTALLY been super friendly with a celeb, but at the last minute chickened out? Well there’s no doubt you’ll have more than one of the situations happening during your Coachella stay. This is the perfect opportunity to talk to them  on a real person basis rather than a SUPER crazy super fan basis. Make it count. Don’t be crazy, though. No one likes a crazy.

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3. Steal a kiss on the ferris wheel. Coachella is most likely the one time of the year where you are in a place with 300,000 other people looking for adventure, and sometimes a little flirty desert fling. Get on that sailboat sailor, and make an effort to be overly friendly with another festival goer. There’s a PRETTY good chance you’ll never see this person again, so be sure to make the moment memorable (and don’t be afraid to make a fool out of yourself).  I’ve always wanted to go on the ferris wheel, but due to the fact that there’s ALWAYS an hour line, and I do not have the patience for that sort of thing, I never even try. But don’t be like me. Find that one person you want to make a moment with. Wait in that hour line. Make the first move. Do it when the sun goes down…the field is simply magical at night.

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4. Get featured on at least one top-notch fashion blog covering the fest. The question of this incredibly serious matter is: how on earth do I get on a fashion blog? Well, here’s the thing. There’s two very different ways to do so: 1. Dress like a straight up G. I don’t mean this sarcastically. It sounds pretty pathetic, but Coachella, to many, is California’s “Fashion Week.” This probably is the only time of year when all of Los Angeles comes out to the desert all at once, and REALLY puts in effort when putting together their daily outfits. If you PLAN on being featured on a fashion blog, MAKE them photograph you. What are some trends you’re digging this season? Try it out for the weekend! You just may get noticed. 2. Dress like a totally ridiculous person trying to get photographed. It might not necessarily get you the attention you are looking for…but at least you’ll still be featured on a blog for one reason or another?

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5. Have an AMAZING time without letting the little things bother you. There’s far too many times where I forget all the fun I’m having just to concentrate on the fun I’m NOT having. For instance: when everyone is all for seeing one of their favorite bands perform, I’m too busy thinking about how my toe is throbbing. Bad example? Hm. Ok. How about this: instead of wondering what your boyfriend is doing, how about you just think about how much fun you’re having partying it up right now with all your friends? Don’t sweat the drama (or things that don’t NEED any drama), just keep your mind on the prize…or the festival at hand.

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What are some of your top 5 bucket list items for attending Coachella?