Remember the days of your youth when instead of looking forward to the next IPhone upgrade, you were obsessively BEGGING your parents to buy you the latest transparent beeper? It was a simpler time in life no doubt, and it’s a time that all of us in our mid-twenties will look back, and think ‘Wow…how did I ever live without a cell phone?” Fast forward to today, and our hands are pretty much glued to our smart phones, and Twitter has replaced all face-to-face conversations. But HEY! C’est la vie! Rather than fighting the times, we should all just relish in it and take advantage of all the pointless things technology has provided for us, like cell phone apps! We don’t REALLY need them, but they sure come in handy every now-and-then, not to mention they are the modern cure to sever boredom. I’ve tracked down my top 5 most favorite IPhone apps that we all seem to have, but don’t necessarily need. Did I forget any? Comment below on your most favorite useless apps and fill us in.


1. SnapChat - Till this day, I STILL don’t see the point in this ridiculous app. In case you’re clueless of SnapChat, let me fill you in: Pretty much you take stupid pictures of yourself or others,  then send them to any contact in your phone who shares the same app. These photos are never actually saved to your phone, but only have a life span of however long the person on the other end has their finger rested on the photo. Why don’t you just text photos? Why do you need an additional app for something you can already do on your phone? I don’t get it.

snap chat

2. Talking Monkey - If you were one of the many comedy loving folk who watched ‘This is 40,’ then you for sure got a first hand look of that adorable, yet incredibly useless “Talking Monkey” app. All you do is put the phone in front of your face and talk…then BAM! You’ve got a ridiculous talking monkey mimicking your every statement and sound in  a terribly annoying chipmunk voice. 

talking monkey
3. Ghost Radar - Yes. It’s fun for the first hour or 2, and might even be a little freaky and coincidental at times, but once you realize that the ghost radar just keeps saying the same things and showing the same “ghost auras” over and over again, you begin to question the dependability of this app to find an ACTUAL ghost. I’m not going to lie – I’ve had this app on multiple phones, and even had some fun with it a couple of times, but really? Do we REALLY need this app? 

ghost radar

4. Action Movie – Because who REALLY wants to pretend like they’re crushing their friends with an exploding car? 

action movie
5. Instagram – Now, before you go all postal on me, and hassle me about being obsessed with Instagram myself, take into consideration the word “OBSESSED” for a moment. We have become SO super duper beyond words obsessed with this app that we have very often missed out on real human interaction. I’ve been terribly guilty of going on a date and just Instagraming for the majority of the time, which brings me to believe that Instagram is an app that is unnecessary in our lives.