Each week, your blog editors, Ashley Wood & Brittany Wood (no relation, oddly enough), will take turns showing you what’s at the top of their wishlists on Miss KL. Check in weekly for great sale finds, drool-worthy new product, and new trend forecasts!

Working at Miss KL makes it pretty hard for a girl to hang on to her paycheck. Each week, there’s always something fabulous that I absolutely have to have. So to lighten the abuse to my credit card, I figured I’d satisfy my cravings by sharing all of my favorite picks du jour for you guys. Right now, I’ve definitely been feeling this 90s chunky gold, street style vibe, especially what we’ve been getting in from Melody Ehsani. Something about it seems super glam and badass. I love how it looks paired with a more casual outfit like a graphic tee  (try the Obey Cheetah Tee,currently 50% off!), but I’m sure it would look equally as great with a dressier ensemble. Here are a few of my favorite pieces we’re currently peddling on Miss KL:

Editor's Picks
1.) Zellhaus Fuck You Very Much Ring

2.) Mod4rn Trend Egyption Diamond Bangle

3.) Melody Ehsani Queen of the Jungle Doorknockers

4.) The Jeffrey Campbell Adams Lion Sneaker

5.) The See You Monday Versailles Legging

6.) The LA Boutique Lavish Top

7.) Butter London in Full Monty

8.) This is a Love Song Bikini Kill Set (on sale!)

9.) The Nixon Spur Watch