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At Miss KL we like to stimulate the senses by being prolific in expression. We’ve got goodies for days with content such as our monthly “This Miss KL” features, bomb ass collaborations,“Style Shorts” and more!

We have a crew of eclectic ladies here and just like you we appreciate talent, art and fashion. We are obvi snobby at times but you got to set the bar, you know? In sharing with you our inner workings, we hope to give you insight, ignite passion, be silly and make you LOL. This is the philosophy of who we are.

With that said, we plan to post about one very special art that none of us can live without, music! I will be posting weekly tunes to get you through the day, motivate your work out, have you reminiscing and hype up your pre-game.

Let us know what you think, what you’re jamming to or even that shit you don’t like.

Let’s get ratchet, a little trap never hurt no one.

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