We know vintage is bitchin’, but how do we wear it without looking over the top costume-y? I live for vintage because the pieces are high quality, and you’re more than likely not gonna run into someone wearing the same gear as you, plus dressing second-hand is eco-chic! Here are three pieces from the *Vintage Boutique. I’ve styled each piece using modern duds from Miss KL for some mad eclectic rad-ness!

Vintage Boutique Jumper - Miss KL Blog

The *Vintage Boutique Lucy Jumper: pairs with:The Widow Icy Spiked Drop Hem Blazer,  The Obey Love Letter Capsule Necklace in Antique Brass, The HERSCHEL SUPPLY Little America Backpack in Red and The Deandri Olga Boot in White Smooth on White Wood with White Laces.

Vintage Boutique Skirt - Miss KL BlogThe *Vintage Boutique Dorothy Skirt pairs with The 8 Other Reasons Fifth Avenue Necklace, The Motel Ronnie Metallic Crop Top in Silver, The See You Monday Cami Bralette in Black and Gold, The Harlett Leather Concho Bracelet in Black and The J Shoes Hoxton Shoe in Cobblestone.

Vintage Boutique Blazer - Miss KL Blog

The *Vintage Boutique Denim Quilt Blazer pairs with The Le Specs Ding a Ling Sunglasses in Black, The Shown To Scale Bundy Dress in Chili, The Baggu Leather Purse in Neon and The UNIF Hellbounds Shoe in Crimson.

See, that wasn’t so hard. Now it’s your turn!

–Rachel Gariepy