Like all good things, Coachella just had to come to an end. From frolicking through the windy desert, to sipping Corona’s by the pool, I’m so bummed I had to give all of that stuff up to come back to reality(GROSS.). As I sit here in the office half asleep, and too much of a zombie to make actual conversation with another human being, I find myself thinking back to last weekend and all the Coachella¬†shenanigans we got ourselves in. Big thanks to our Mink Pink for dripping the Miss KL ladies out in the raddest fest gear in the West! The girls and I had an awesome time hanging out with our ladies at Dimepiece, while getting rowdy at Wu-Tang, and can’t wait to relive the experience again next year. If you didn’t have a chance to check out our live dispatches from the fest, never fear! Here’s a recap of our adventures at Coachella 2013!


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Loved running into Karrueche at the Dimepiece pool party!

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Took some time to hang with the beautiful Olivia Lo of Lust for Life.

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My forever girl crush, Jac Vanek!

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The lovely Rumi of Fashion Toast, always looking chic!


Always a pleasure running into Geri of Because I’m addicted!