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Wondering how to get your nail game on lock for the big weekend? We’ve got a few ideas coming your way, so sit tight and check back on the blog to see what designs we think you should be rocking at Coachella. We’ve got three lovely ladies flying to California this week for the festival, and each of them will be showing off the looks that our totally amazing beauty buyer and make-up artist, Jeannie, came up with for us. First off: nude nails with tribal designs and neon accents! You’ll need a few of our favorite Art Club stripers and the perfect shade of nude – get the best from butter London here.

Coachella Nail Art - Miss KL BlogWe started with a coat of butter London Horse Power as the base. Remember, patience makes perfect. You want these nails to last you all weekend! Then do two coats of your favorite nude shade. We used Butter London in Shandy. Prepare to see the neon really pop against the nude.

Coachella Nail Art Application - Miss KL Blog

After it’s dried, begin using your Art Club stripers to create tribal inspired designs on your nails, using a combination of neon orange, neon pink, and black. We painted each nail with something different, alternating between simpler stripes and more complicated patterns. Search out tribal prints online for inspiration for what would work best for you. Don’t over-complicate it – the balance between more detail on some nails and less on others is what makes this look so great! Despite the fact that Jeannie is a pro, you and a friend should be able to pull off this look without too much trouble. If you mess up, you can always dip a small brush in nail remover and clean it up. Once you’ve applied designs to each nail and let it dry, add a top coat to ensure that the polish will stay.Coachella Tribal Nails Final - Miss KL Blog Coachella Tribal Nails Final Clos up- Miss KL Blog

Now you’re all set! Awesome festival style nails that will last you all weekend. Stay tuned for what other designs we’ll be sporting and then pick your favorite and get started!

Credit where credit’s due:

Nail Design: Jeannie Vincent

Photos: Tommy Vo