Over the years fashion has been recycled and re-worked to the point of a tireless redundancy. I mean, how many times can you reinvent the stud, anyway? Here to challenge this notion comes the feverishly talented duo, Paul Jatayan and AJ Omandac, designers of OS Accessories, whose collection is anything but recycled or ordinary. Check in with their rad collection where you’ll find bone crosses and lobster chokers – things you most certainly can’t pick up at the local mall. We sat down and chatted with the artists to see what inspires their designs, and motivates them to challenge the “norm” when coming up with a new collection. PLUS – Don’t forget to grab a few of your favorites from the site now!

Who are you and what do you  do?

We’re the duo behind the bone accessory brand, OS Acccessories. I, Paul Jatayna, am full-time with OS Accessories but I also keep a fashion blog and update it when I have the time. AJ Omandac is also full-time but he also does some part-time graphic design and illustration.


How did you get into accessories design?

I and AJ shop a clothing and accessories store. There was a time when we got disappointed with the accessories  that were being sold in malls. They became too stale for our taste so we thought of starting our own line of accessories. It’s the perfect output for us because I’m into fashion and he’s into art.


Tell me a little bit about your line, and how OS Accessories came to fruition.

First of all, we’ve both been into skulls and bones ever since. When we were on a vacation, we stumbled upon real bone tribal accessories being sold on the streets of “Session Road” (tourist spot in the Philippines). They were so beautiful! I wrapped my Topman necklace around one of the python spine necklace and got amazed with how it looked less tribal and more contemporary. We started our research on how we could make bone accessories and reproduce them without killing living creatures in the process.




What have been some major mountains you’ve had to overcome when you first came out with the brand?

One major hurdle that we had to deal with was when we were expanding and we needed a bigger workforce. Initially there was only I and AJ who made the bones. It was really challenging because all our pieces are handcrafted from the start to end. When we started receiving bigger orders and getting inquiries from stores who want to stock OS, the work load became too much for us and we started looking for the right people to teach our craft and carry on with production.


Who is the “OS Accessories” girl?

Someone who has her own style and fully embraces her weirdness and eccentricity.


What sets your accessories a part from other brands?

OS is actually the Latin term for “bone”, which means we are focused on creating skeletal and exo-skeletal accessories but in a contemporary approach.


Where do you usually go for inspiration?

We get our inspiration from music, different cults, the 90′s, and socio-political issues. Our second collection was inspired by sex, S&M, and religion. Our third was inspired by the seapunk movement and how chemical pollution and rapid industrialization affect the habitat of the sea creatures.


Share with me the top 5 songs currently on your playlist?

Genesis by Grimes

Great Big White World by Marilyn Manson

Plague by Crystal Castles

Wassup by A$AP Rocky

Wannabe by Spice Girls


If you could pick one, which style from the current OS Accessories collection would you rock every day?

Seacatacomb Magnetic cuff


What is some advice you’d give someone interested in designing their own accessories line?

Get things done and not be afraid to put your idea out there.