It’s that time of year, kiddies! Time to break out the over-sized totes and rugged boots, and plan for all the radical music fests coming your way. From Coachella to Lollapalooza, our brain is spinning with excitement. With only a few days away from Austin’s SXSW, I find myself stressing over what outfits to rock during my stay. It sounds way pathetic, but although comfort is definitely number 1 when planning your looks, it is also important to not look a mess. (TRUST ME…Street style is on-point at these fest.) With the extreme heat and all the running around you’ll be doing throughout the fest, it’s fairly easy to succumb to looking like you just walked out of a sweaty hot club that just so happens to have dirt all over the place. You see, I’m actually a SXSW virgin and don’t really know what to expect, but given the fact I’ve done Coachella 4 times in a row now, I think it’s safe to say I have a good grasp on the “DO’s” and “DO-NOT’S” when packing for a music fest. Are you feeling lost on what to pack? Never fear! Here’s 8 essentials you’ll pretty much LIVE-IN during your SXSW adventures! Do you have some suggestions yourself? Comment and tell us what essentials YOU’LL be bringing with you to SXSW


  1. You will definitely need a pair of sassy shades to save you from getting nasty crows-feet. It also helps if your sunnies are pretty freakin’ cute. Check out these rad glitter cat-eye pairs from Quay Eyewear.
  2. On-top of bringing a good pair of sunnies, you’ll also need a 5 panel hat to shade you from the sun, and help you out when the humidity takes a toll on your perfectly tamed hair. This Dimepiece Designs 5-panel is perfect, and of course perfectly hot!
  3. The “no-fuss” look is definitely what you need to go for when planning your wardrobe. So what could be more “no-fuss” than a pair of easy-to-wear cut offs? UNIF’s ‘Mosh’ shorts have that stylish factor you crave to make a statement, while keeping you easy-breezy.
  4. Bare the heat with a lightweight tank. I am definitely obsessed with our new exclusive CIVIL ‘Sex’ tank .
  5. Don’t you DARE think of bringing your nice handbag, unless you want to ruin it. Do yourself a favor and bring a cute backpack, like the ONeill Calder YD bag to keep your daily necessities in.
  6. Although it’s hot and humid during the day, once the sun goes down you’re going to find yourself freezing your a$$ off! Bring yourself a leather jacket, like the UNIF Boneyard Moto jacket to slip on at night. You can keep it in your backpack during the day. Imagine that!
  7. Are you thinking you’ll need to pack on the makeup? Think again. All that sweating and all the humidity you encounter will definitely melt off your make-up before you have the chance to look in the mirror. Go for a more natural, no-fuss look through out the fest. Whip on some mascara, and dab on the Stila Convertable lip and a cheek cream for a natural glow. Plus, you won’t be stressing about whether your eyeliner is running down your cheeks or not.
  8. Finally, don’t think of bringing your heels. Your feet will be HATING you by the end of the first day, so go for a pair of comfy, YET CUTE sneakers. I’m in-love with the Puma My-66 wedged sneakers. Trust me…your feet will thank you at the end of the week.