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Looking into yet another pair of skinny’s for your cramped little closet? Its time to try something new (well, old really.. )  The Electric Lee Jeans (circa 1983) are a  high-waisted, lightly hued, acid wash jean with a slim fit. The coolest! Like any jean, you can practically wear these puppies with just about anything! Most importantly you’ll be blazing new trails with these fine threads from yesteryear! Here’s a few ways to dress em’ up or dress em’ down!

My first look is proof you can easily dress up a pair of jeans (not just your skinny ones!) Anything sparkly, especially in black, will add instant glitz and glamor to your look! Here are two rules for your night-on-the-town look 1) accentuate your figure by rocking your favorite black crop top. A crop top will reveal your waist line for a sexy fit that will keep heads turning! 2) Pile on those accessories! I’m wearing an oversized flower pin à la Sarah Jessica Parker, a shoulder purse with an eye catching pearl handle, and a few chunky rings. Here are some perfect picks from the site to help you build this look! Check out The Bow Down Bustier  one of my favorite new additions to the site! For a serious 90s retro look try The Capture Collard Bodice! As for accessories, check out The Half Moon BagThe Shape Earrings, or if you’re going for the gold try The Talon Cuff.

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This here is my ‘day of comfort’ outfit. When the thought of heels simply terrifies me or I just can’t fathom the thought of spending way too much time getting ready, this is exactly the type of outfit I’ll slip into. The look consists of one chunky sweater (try the men’s section of your local thrift shop, shrink it in hot water if its a bit too big), a varsity or other sport jacket, and your favorite pair of kicks. *Vintage Boutique’s Sweet Melissa Top, and the Wild Lady Top are super cute to pair up with The Electric Lee Jeans or any other jeans for that matter. As for some cool jackets try The Drop Out Jacket by Unif or The Jealous Lover Jacket by Obey. Plenty of awesome sneakers on the site too. Try The Society Sneaker by Supra or The Iona II Sneaker by *Sole Boutique.

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And finally, this is my ‘in-between’ outfit. Not quite casual, and not too dressy. Pop of color on my feet, chic crop top, and an oversized cardigan complete the look. Here’s what I found on the site. Try this lace top by *La Boutique (which also comes in white), this cardigan by Burton, and The Zena shoe by *Sole Boutique.

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Keep your eyes peeled for The Electric Lee Jeans!


Photo Credit for all photos: Joel Meus