Fashion Contest - Miss KL Blog

The Miss KL office is a mini oasis of street style in a city that usually values more of a suit and tie kind of aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of variety when it comes to the style of those who work here. Coming to work usually gives me more seriously awesome wardrobe inspo than opening up a magazine. Everyone manages to do such crazy fun things with what we sell, so we decided we’d give you a chance to tell us whose style you love the most!¬†After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Every other Wednesday, we’ll put up two photos of our Miss KL employees and let you vote on the personal style that inspires you more. Plus once you vote, you’ll get an instant surprise from us! Right now we have our Women’s Buyer, Jeni, up against our Assistant Copywriter, Gege. Jeni’s style is classic concrete jungle, with plenty of graphic tees and snap backs mixed in with fun, feminine pieces to balance them out. Gege’s aesthetic has plenty of goth/punk influence with some sarcastic use of color and pattern-mixing. What do you think? Have a favorite? Then get to clicking….Vote Now!¬†