Cruising down South Congress with my pedicab driver (dressed in a  full length pink spandex leotard)  was one of many memorable moments at South by Southwest. The warm air and smell of pulled pork was exactly what I needed in what has been one long and snowy winter on the east coast. This was all so exciting to me, it was my first festival, and there were endless musical options bouncing off each corner of each ear. The sights were all new too; large Texan streets, countless cacti, and many a cattle skull hung in store fronts and restaurants. Pockets of vintage stores dispersed throughout the city was a clear indicator that Austin was a cool city. My mission here was to capture all that was stylish as festivals do attract just that type. Grunge, hip hop, and folkey/indie types grazed the streets between acts sporting their coolest threads in what felt like the first days of summer. I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to live here. My wanderlust was at an all time high, and here are the photos to prove it.

Here’s to this lady. My favorite outfit by far at SXSW.  I actually came across this girl late night and she was sporting a red baggy jumpsuit with black trim on her shoulders, now that’s thriller! She’s got to be the chicest Michael Jackson fan on the face of the earth.


Some unearthly plants I came across


and friendly frogs as well.


and here I am rocking my vintage flower power dress




More proof that Austin is the coolest..


A bit of Southwest flare for you


Beautiful people at the Karmaloop X  Dickies party at The Lustre Pearl.


A little something I bought at the best store in Austin Uncommon Objects.


Other uncommon objects..



As the sun was setting in Austin.




Get your tickets for next year folks!