Out with the old and in with the new, I always say. It’s actually my favorite excuse to use at the beginning of each season when my mother complains about how much I shop. You see…I’m the type of girl who gets bored far too quickly, and when you’re stuck wearing sweaters and denim for 4 months straight, you go a little crazy and binge on shopping at the first sign of warmer temperatures. With only days away till it’s officially spring, I’ve already begun piecing together my shopping list for this seasons killer must-haves! From floral dresses to cute sweaters, I’m more than ready! However, my bank account may beg to differ. Here’s my top picks for your spring closet necessities.

1. The Bootie: This shoe style will never go out of style, and it completely my favorite! You see, if you have short legs (such as myself), then these shoes will no doubt become your best friend, and make your legs look bumpin’.


1. Jeffrey Campbell – Coltrane // 2. NewKid – Penny Dreamcore // 3. Generic Surplus x Obey – Desert Boot  // 4. Deandri – Gertie  // 5. Anniel – Desert Boot 

2. The Floral Statement: Because let’s be real…what is spring without at least one bold floral print piece within your outfit?!


1. DV8 – Vixen Shoe // 2. Mink Pink – Gardens Edge Bustier // 3. Art Club  - 3D Flower Nail Apliques  // 4. Reverse – Studded Floral Pants   // 5. Nila Anthony – The Blogger Bag

3. The Light Sweater: For the days where it’s warm-ISH, but you still can’t be running around in a sundress.


1. Free People – I’m Cool With Stripes Sweater // 2. Obey – Slasher Crewneck // 3. Obey – Summer Breeze Sweater // 4. Quiksilver – Crescent Strip Open Knit