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Meet Ashley Chung! Our Maison Scotch lookbook model. Sense a little deja vu? Chung is our resident Miss KL lookbook pro by now…she was in Timeless, our first lookbook ever for Miss KL (top image) and we couldn’t wait to bring her back! This LA native is an absolute doll, and we loved being able to style her in all of our Maison Scotch goodies. We figured it was the perfect brand for Chung’s casual, laid-back, California girl vibe. Read our short and sweet interview with Chung below, and don’t forget to check out our Maison Scotch lookbookand get inspired for spring!

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Age: 19

Sign: Cancer

Never leave the house without…I don’t want to say my chapstick because that’s weird but…ok, it’s my chapstick.

When you’re not modeling, you can be found…watching Sons of Anarchy, hanging out with my friends, smoking pot…I paint a little bit, too.

If you weren’t modeling, what would be your dream job? A food critic would be a pretty ideal job. Or any job that you get paid to travel.

Favorite photo room jam? Definitely Juicy J’s station on Pandora, and I love Keri Hilson’s Pretty Girl Rock. It makes me feel like I can work it out, you know? Also, I really like G-Dragon…he’s one of the most famous K-pop singer/rappers right now.

How did you get started modeling? I wanted to do it forever, and I would always ask my parents if they would let me but they never got around to it. Finally, when I turned 18, I just went out and got signed. I’m with LA Model Management.

Favorite thing about California: I know the traffic in LA is a shit show, but the weather definitely makes up for it.

How would you describe your personal style: Laid back, comfortable. T-shirts, jeans.

Go to item in your closet? My favorite pair of jeans

Best part of the lookbook? Can I just say that Jeannie [make-up artist/beauty buyer] is the shit? Cause Jeannie is the shit.

You can find me at… Instagram is  chungashley

@RealMissKL Instagram fun with Ashley Chung!

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