You can tell a lot about a girl by the accessories she wears. So assume what you will with a woman whose necklace reads “Trust No Bitch,” and “Cream.” Designer Natalia Durazo of Honey B Gold makes a clear statement of her life’s moto through bold plastic pendants with sassy punch lines. This spring we welcome Honey B Gold to the roster of rad Miss KL accessory brands, and are currently going ga-ga over the playfulness apparent in each piece. Can you say, “Obsessed?” This week we had a chance to sit down with Natalia to find out why Honey B Gold is so hot, and what inspired her to branch off into her own brand. Find out what makes Natalia tick in her interview below. 

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Natalia Durazo, Owner/Designer/HBIC of Honey B Gold.


What got you into designing? How did you get into the accessories game?


It’s kind of a tricky question, because to be honest I didn’t even realize I was a designer until I was knee deep in it. I’ve always been into art in some form or another, from drawing to painting, to photography (and now jewelry making) It’s pretty safe to say I “accidentally” became a jewelry designer. It all started when I had this random idea to hand paint album art (Dilla-Donuts) on a pair of blank earrings I already owned. I started to wear them to shows/events, before I knew it I was being hired to customize acessories for other people, fast forward a few years and here I am.


Who is the “Honey B Gold” girl?

There really is no Honey B Gold “girl”, It’s more of an attitude. I love to imagine and see my pieces on all different types of females (and men too lol) My pieces are really bold, unapologetic statement pieces, that carry with them a certain rebellious and carefree attitude.





Where do you often look to for inspiration when designing?

I really draw inspiration from EVERYWHERE. Music, wallpaper, a pattern I saw on the street, pictures. Anywhere really. I’ve been trying to be a little more centered and organized when coming up with collections, so I try to pick concepts and incorporate other elements I’m really into at the time.


What has been the most exciting thing so far with the brand?

It’s actually funny you mention that lol When I first started my brand I always thought that if I ever got picked up by Karmaloop I could officially say I made it, and well.. I think I made it Mom!!


If you could have one person (dead/alive) rock your accessories, who would it be?

BJORK!! I adore her, and would jump at the opportunity to design for her (or do anything she needs me to really lol)





Did you ever come across and mountains or hurdles you had to overcome with Honey B Gold?

Absolutely!! I don’t think I would be as devoted and in love with what I do unless I had to overcome those challenges. It made me realize your dreams are completely worth fighting for, and sometimes you have to put it all on the line and take a leap of faith.


Tell me a little bit about what you do when you’re not designing?

Hmm.. If I’m not designing, or working on something Honey B Gold related I’m usually asleep LOL It feels like I do this for at least 15 hours a day. However, when I do get a chance to have some “me time” I love trolling for new music, stalking really fly girls on Instagram, or hitting up a Hip Hop show.


If you weren’t designing, what would be doing?

I would definitely be into music or photography. Photography was my side hustle while I was in school for Audio Engineering. Honey B started demanding more of my time and I made the executive decision to quit school and devote all my spare time to building my brand.