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Liz Ladoux has it all, and not because of the luck of the draw. This stunning, intelligent, and très ambitieux lady has remained prominent in the industry because of her glorious DJ skills, ranging from hip hop to house music. Her home base is the same as Miss KL’s : Boston, but Liz has left for greener pastures in the South of France. You may have read about her experiences via her blog segment “An American DJ in Europe“. We did a mini photoshoot and caught up with Liz during her week long visit back to the States. Check it out!


Un.) You’ve lived in Perpignan, France for over half a year. How did it feel returning to your hometown of Boston  for the week?!

As much as I am loving France, going back to Boston last week was really, really nice! I think that being overseas for any length of time gives you a new perspective on where you’re from. With distance I’ve been able to focus more on the positives of my hometown, and of course getting a chance to catch up with all my people was the best part of all.

One of my favorite long standing residencies while I lived in the Bean was a Tuesday night at Minibar.. I spun there every week for about 4 years.. all underground house and nu disco… the combination of management, staff, regulars, and of course my music created a super unique vibe in that city, and  I got to recreate it all over again last Tuesday. The place was packed, and I got to see a lot of familiar faces. It was an awesome way to kick off my week in Boston!


Deux.) Your move was pretty impromptu, what items from your closet were a must have?

Hmmmm, yeah I basically threw as much as I could fit into a couple of suitcases, grabbed my cat and bounced! Choosing what to bring was tough, I never realized just how much clothing I had until I actually had to go through it all. My Rebecca Taylor Isa wedge sneakers made the cut, as well as 3 of my Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, my BB Dakota trench coat, about 17 pairs of Lululemon yoga pants, an Adapt hoodie, and a LOT of makeup, amongst other things. There are several boxes of sad and lonely shoes and clothing sitting in storage in Boston right now. :(


Trois.) Has your fashion sense been influenced at all by daily life in the South of France? What is the typical style like over there?

I live in a university town, so there is a nice, healthy population of young, hip French people with killer style in my area. You see a lot of dope sneakers on both men and women, trousers with over-sized sweaters worn with super high stiletto booties, and both genders rock really nice outerwear, whether they’re wool peacoats, leather biker jackets, or vintage furs… I feel like living here has influenced me to be a little bit more minimalist in terms of my look. Less is more.Liz Ladoux DJ 2 - Miss KL BlogThe UNIF Downer Button Up and the UNIF Prayer Choker

Quatre.) In Europe it is fairly easy to travel around to other cities/countries, have you been able to explore? Where is your favorite spot so far & where would you like to go in the future?

Compared to the United States, Europe is definitely easier to explore in terms of cost and travel time. I’ve done a little bit of traveling over here, and so far my hands down favorite is Paris. I visited 10 years ago and it didn’t really do it for me then, but on this recent trip I fell in love with that city. Stockholm, Rome, and Berlin are on my must-see list , but I want to go everywhere!


Cinq.) Macaroons seem to be all the rage in the States, what’s your take on them? Have you tried escargots or is that just a cliché?

Hahaha are macaroons the new cupcake in the US?? I went to this place while in Paris… La Duree…. pretty amazing. Escargot is of course a cliché, but it’s hard to escape cliches in Europe because it’s so incredibly steeped in tradition. In my opinion, they are just chewy little balls of dirt covered in garlic and butter, and I like anything covered in garlic and butter.


Six.) Any pop culture model or artist you simply cannot get enough of right now?

I’m loving Cara Delevingne, Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey, Michelle Obama, and I am very, VERY amped about the impending release of the new Daft Punk album.


Sept.) Spring is almost here & we have a ton of trendy new items. Can you share what’s on your Miss KL wish list at the moment?

The House of Holland Super Suspender Tights, BB Dakota Jamila Contrast Trim Dress in White, The Pop Art Clutch in Neon Orange, The Supra Society Sneaker in Black Snake, The Blaque Market Jen Crewneck in White, and The Splash paint Pyramid Bracelet 


**Photos by Billy Fischer**