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There’s just something about a black and white stripe piece that can be both bold and daring, yet classic. You can keep it toned down a la Coco Chanel, or go ultra modern with it like Miley Cyrus (2.0). Personally, I’m a little biased – if you knew me, you’d know that the amount of color in my wardrobe is pitifully lacking. My closet is black, white, and grey all over, so it would only make sense that I’d be dying for all the thick jailbird striped pieces that have been hitting our site lately. Think about it: it’s easy to match but loud enough to garner attention. If you don’t agree, check out some of my favorite pieces below. I’m sure you’ll change your mind!

Jailbird stripes - Miss KL Blog

Clothing (Left to Right): The Motel Jordan Jean in Black and White, the *LA Boutique Solid & Stripe dress, The Motel Agnes Stripe Faux Leather Dress, and The Maison Scotch Linen Stripe Blazer

Accessories (Top to Bottom): The Dimepiece 5 Panel hat in Stripe and the *Accessories Boutique Occasion Sunglasses