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Man, do I get lazy when it comes to my beauty routine. Most days, you’ll find me with my hair in a messy bun, nothing but eyeliner and mascara on, and with totally chipped polish on my nails. But I’m working on it! I even curled my hair…once…like last week? And the compliments I got made me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside, so I decided I’d get a few tips from our resident beauty pro on how I could keep the good feelings coming. Unfortunately, much like New Year’s resolutions, I can’t guarantee I’ll follow through with the extended beauty routine for more than a few weeks. That’s why I’ve decided to share her great tips with all of you much more ambitious readers out there, starting with nails! They’re over the top popular right now. So without further ado, here’s Jeannie’s awesomely awesome answers to all my newbishly newb questions:

What’s a good nail DIY for beginners?

If you want to try out some nail art but are a little intimidated, there are tons of options for you to try out.  The first thing I would recommend is one of NCLA’s amazing Nail Wraps —they are super easy to apply, come with two sheets of nail stickers, AND a nail file.  You get 3-4 applications out of each set so they are totally worth it for statement nails with no mess.  Also, using an Art Club Striper or Duo Pen can be a super quick way to enhance your nails.  Start with dots, short lines, coloring half the nail, coloring the tip, etc.  The more you practice, the easier it will be and the better your results will turn out.  Dotting is probably the easiest nail art you can start with, even without any special polishes.  You don’t even need any fancy tools—you can use household items such as a toothpick or a bobbie pin to pick up a little nail polish and make dots on your nails.  Another easy yet high-impact style of nail art is application of studs and gems.  We have a whole slew of them from Art Club, which I love because they are inexpensive and create amazing results.  To apply a stone or stud to your nails, place a small dot of topcoat where you want the gem to be placed, then get a pencil (or orange stick if you have them), dip the tip in a tiny bit of topcoat to make the end sticky and then grab the gem and place it on the spot of top coat on your nail.  Gently press it down with your fingertip to ensure a good adhesion to your nail, and then seal the deal with a fresh layer of top coat.  Yes, it really is that easy!  There are tons of nail tutorials on the web so search Pinterest, YouTube and Tumblr for “easy nail art” and you will be amazed at all the results that pop up!

NCLA nail wraps - Miss KL Blog

Any Miss KL products you’d suggest for a lazy beauty person like myself?

Definitely the products I mentioned above.  You virtually can’t go wrong with the nail wraps and the Art Club Duo Pens (since they have a pen tip AND a striper brush), they’re the easiest to use.  You literally can just draw on your nails (or just one if you’re feeling extra lazy).  Again, practice makes perfect but the learning curve with these is really not big at all—you’d be surprised how easily and quickly you can get some flash on your nails with these guys.  Also, it isn’t exactly nail art per se, but you can totally get standout nails by painting each one a different color.  I do this with Floss Gloss all the time, including in our Spring Lookbook, and the results always come out super fun with minimal effort.

 Spring Nails - Miss KL Blog

I bite my nails (I don’t, but maybe you guys do?), how can I still make them look totally fab?

The best way to stop biting your nails is to keep them painted.  Not only will it taste disgusting, but you’ll be less inclined to mess up a pretty manicure than if your nails were bare.  Keeping them painted will also help them grow like I mentioned in Part One, and your nails looking nice and a little longer should also discourage you from wrecking them by biting or picking.  Confession time – I used to bite my nails all the time.  Mind you, this was years and years ago.  Not only was it gross to look at, but it made me super self-conscious about people seeing my hands.  I started becoming interested in nails and doing them myself, and ever since then I haven’t looked back!  I haven’t intentionally damaged my nails in over ten years.  If biting or picking is triggered by stress for you, try picking up another habit like chewing gum.  But the best way to stop this nasty habit is to switch out the time you’d normally spend picking or biting and replace it with doing something beneficial for your nails—anything from filing, to applying cuticle oil, to painting them, etc.


Uhh any 3D nail art tips for beginners? Is that even possible?

Yes!  This is totally possible with gems.  You can even apply just one stud on one nail and feel like you’re totally flossing.  Get a little creative and do a line of studs down your nail.  I guarantee you’ll get compliments, even if it doesn’t come out perfect the first time.

colored nail tips - Miss KL Blog

Any awesome instagram nail artists that we should follow to get inspired?

OMG yes!  There are so many amazing artists out there.  I don’t know how I could possibly list them all, but a few favorites to get you started, in no particular order:  @flossgloss, @shopncla, @nailjerks, @heynicenails, @stephstonenails, @mpnails, @ciaomanhattan2012, @britneytokyo, @nailgurlnyc, @sophynails, @candypaintla, @nailporn, @astrowifey, @karengnails, @nailinghollywood, @nail_swag, @thisisprisma, @naominailsnyc, @kandiyamz.  Did I say I would give you a few?  Oops.  !!!  Check these ladies out though—they don’t disappoint!


Okay, last question – what’s on YOUR nails this week?

This week I’m actually rocking a *gasp* classic French Manicure! (See above!)  Maybe it was being around my mom last week that inspired me, but I actually kind of love it.