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We know we’re a little late to the party, but we’re finally jumping on the body jewelry band wagon! (hoots and hollers ensue).  Body modification and body jewelry is one of the most timeless alternative trends, and we’re very excited for *Accessories Boutique to be carrying some great new pieces for nose, ears and, dare we say, nipples? If you’re not into piercings but still into body jewelry, we’ve also got some exclusive options for you like The Shoulder Chain in Silver. Drape this piece over  your shoulder to add an edgy vibe without the needles. But ANYWAY – back to the real deal:
Accessories Boutique Gauges - Miss KL Blog
For our more en-gauged crowd, we’re offering up the Steel Spinning Gun Chamber Plug and the In One Ear, Out The Other Plugs for a clever (deadly?) spin on your typical plugs. The former even features an interactive option with an actual rotating chamber.

Accessories Boutique Navel Ring Fuck You - Miss KL

In the case of the Fuck You Navel Ring, the message says it all, and your belly button will be officially bad ass! And for our slightly more scandalous customer, we also have the Balls and Chains Nipple Rings  and the vampy Shield Fangs Nipple Ring (not shown for…obvious reasons), and finally, for those who have chosen to go Industrial instead of Gauge (or, you know, who have both), we carry the Fuck You Industrial Earring. So let us know what you think! We’re hoping to expand this section and we need some of your precious input. Our resident gauge girl Stephanie has picked a few styles she might like to see on *Accessories Boutique.

“So. After you’ve committed to having huge, gaping holes in your ears, drooping earlobes that can only be likened to a sphincter of some type, you really generally want to put a little swag in there. Like. A really really good looking piece of rad jewelry, that’s why these are keepers for me: 


MetalMafiaGauges-MissKLPink Dyed Howlite , Water Buffalo Horn Spiral, Crocodile Wood With Hand Carved Flower

 We haven’t picked up these styles yet, which is why we need your help! Thoughts, worries, ideas, dreams? Tell us your pleasure if you please. Check back to see what else is in store by way of body jewelry, and you know, if you’re more into just keeping it simple with your basic set of earrings, we have plenty of those as well.


– Rachel Gariepy